Sunday, August 7, 2016

Within the Dungeon

Okay. The blog title is set. It only took an hour and a half!

Within the Dungeon

“I have never made any money on writing. I work too slowly, throw away too much, and what I write that sells is not at all the sort of thing I really want to write.”

-Raymond Chandler

Welcome to Within the Dungeon. Congratulate yourself -in reading this, you’ve single handedly stumbled upon the greatest blog in the history of this specific IP. I write role playing game (RPG) content, review RPGs, and not to exclude some of the other things I’m planning; (most of which will include indie publishing and making this blog viable) some of the things I write/create publish. This blog is about that.

In this first year (August to August) this blog will focus on writing and hopefully be a mini-resource for writers interested in the RPG Industry, RPG Reviews, & the occasional RPG News bit, though admittedly these pieces will be of the opinion or exposure, variety. 

Have to work on that header. Oh yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing…

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