Sunday, August 28, 2016

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE (First Week of Sept) 

Some good news. The above is what dabbling in Publisher can accomplish. MAP! which sorta-kinda doesn't suck! Swamp Dock (its a working title which is so far unchallenged), will be released first week of Sept 2016. The product features clean labeled & unlabeled versions, one hexagon map and one graph. One map, four versions in a PDF and each map will also be in jpg when it's purchased for download. I'm going to release two other MAP! products (different terrain obviously) as well. And release them into the digital wild, the following week and third week of Sept. Price: 100 pennies each.

Will I make more than 3? Unlikely, pending sales/interest. If I had to guess (which I am) usually these sorts of products don't usually sell many. Though I'm certainly going to lay these out so they are nice products, I'm also learning as I go and for the most part have no idea what I'm actually doing. I figure its best to start small and work up to bigger projects once experience points have been gained. I'm a team of one after all and you can't slay a dragon at level 1. (insert: evil grin) I'm such a salesman... If I sell ten I'll be happy. See that, for $1.00 you will have paid for 1/10 of my happiness. How can you not?

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