Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review Burp

Usually, posts which highlight Review Burps will be much shorter. Since my reviews publish and I’m fortunate to be paid to write them, it would be counterproductive for me to post them here (Edit: pending permission, which I've received). The Review Burp is, a *snippet* of a written review, and notes where it's published. It's also an additional service to the publisher. If you click the title above each entry it will take you to the page, which I'm affiliated... So Buy Something. It's only internet bucks.

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Here is the tally so far:

A brutal-simple RPG, which despite its small size is a wealth of possible adventure.  Good for one shots, or more specifically: those times when not all of your player groups shows. If you love zombies or zombies love you (like this reviewer) it’s a must have you likely hadn’t heard of.  

DarkFast Dungeons


A well designed and colorful print and play product. DFD truly offers vast amounts of replay-ability. A great way to introduce youth to gaming and the dungeon delve.

If you don’t know Labyrinth Lord, you defiantly should check it out. You can check out and an artless version absolutely free.


I loved Baker Street. This RPG features a skill based system. The game mechanics offer a streamlined (and innovative) method in which to ratchet up the tension, as the characters discover the clues necessary to solve the case. The game is afoot!  


If you enjoyed Jason Richards work with Palladium Books or you are in search of a post-apocalyptic setting with a Star Gate theme, this game is for you. The setting provides three city settings and a unique slew of alien races which you can create a character from.


Feed received a negative review. While aspects of it were on the cusp of being brilliant, it's sandbox elements left me feeling disappointed. The base concepts of this game have promise, but the execution (into something I would enjoy playing) was lacking. The game does have a few pieces of really nice art. And last I checked it was available as a pay what you want for the PDF.

Cryptworld is a D10 monster mash. I wasn't a big fan of the system, but it certainly offers something unique. Want a little more mystery with your mash, the game seems more than able to provide.


I really enjoyed LotFP and the revised Death Frost Doom. To describe it: A retro-clone and a neo-clone fall in love a give each other a "special hug." The result of this unsanctioned union is a three headed, one eyed, red haired monster, commonly known as Lamentations of the Flame Princess.


Luchador O' Luchador? Perhaps the ultimate niche (we are talking Mexican wrestling) game. Classic monsters and Area 51 type aliens make it a bit of a mash. Besides, who wouldn't want to slay vampire spawn, while wearing a speedo and a mask.

A great way to introduce roleplaying to kids. Mash some buttons and it can be yours. Adventures are laid out in a simple (fast play) kid friendly and play tested (Are we there yet?) format.


This RPG trades in fey and demi-human races for pirates and flintlocks. The mechanics are as solid, the system is skill based (think BRP). The setting is robust and well written.

Forgetaboutit! Crime Network is well laid out and organized and provides a city of sin and corruption. The player characters "work" their way up ranks of the American Mafia. Who says crime doesn't pay? I would have liked to have seen more depth in this RPG. That said, the mafia theme isn't very common in RPGs, so it certainly stands on its own.

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