Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Evil Which Forgot

Death Frost Doom
The Evil Which Forgot, is pretty much in the idea/outline (resist the urge to crumple paper and place it in the recycle bin) phase. This thing that I'm making will be my first delve to produce an independent project, it will be OSR and I'll likely meld it to LABYRINTH LORD. I've ran it a number of times and my notes are solid... As in burned into my memory.

Making this thing for OSRIC or  Swords_&_Wizardry is a matter of degree. Should I? I've seen a few indie publishers do this (makes note to contact those that do). Possible.

The idea to write this adventure module is inspired by Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP), revised Death Frost Doom. That said, it won't really tread on the same forsaken ground. And it was more the voice of the author(s) which inspired.

When I contacted James Edward Raggi IV about reviewing LotFP for Knights of the Dinner Table (#230), he wanted me to get a better feel for 'Lamentations' by including DFD, as revised by Zac Sabbath.

DFD is easy to describe and easy to give away (which I won't). It's absolutely dreadful, in a rock falls everyone dies (the GM smiles) kind of way. I gave LotFP and DFD a positive review. Both are worth the cost of admission.


The Evil Which Forgot... This thing that I'm making has one hurdle: ART! I'm at the point now that if I do commit (which I pretty much have) I will have to (as I like to say), ART IT. When I think about most RPG products, art tends to sway my favoritism. Am I shallow? Absolutely!. Being without a budget, being obsessive, and being an unknown... What more, in regards to challenge/motivation, could I ask for?
I used to be able to draw stuff. Will it be perfect? Unlikely. In the back of my mind-making a journey to a local art college and literally waiting outside a few of the classes seems like a viable option...
"Hey-Captain Talent, want to have some of your work published?"
Luckily the maps (2) are almost done.

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