Friday, September 30, 2016

Rite Publishing: Pathways E-Zine Will Keep on, Keeping On
Pathways #57

The future of Pathways was a bit in the air these last couple of months and understandably so, with the happenchance passing of Rite Publishing's CEO Steven D. Russell.

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The good news, is that this small press publication will be keeping on, and continue to produce quality Pathfinder content in PDF through's Pay What You Want program, as well as offer a Print on Demand option which isn’t much above cost. 

From the Pathways Patreon Page:  

"Hello Patrons and Future Patrons
We have made the final determination that we will be continuing Pathways! I'm pleased to announce that the amazing Dave Paul will be managing the development of Pathways on a go forward. He's worked on this project from the very beginning and so there is no one more fitting to take on this role! Please continue to share the word with your fellow gamers about the magazine and of course the Patreon! We appreciate all of the love and support and patience we've received from everyone and look forward to bringing you more fun comic strips and crazy monster templates."


Miranda Russell

Submissions Open:

Pathways is a virtually (pay what you want) free E-zine full of Pathfinder Open Game Content, supplement reviews, including interviews with artists and creators, and not to mention game articles for Pathfinder. They also accept unsolicited queries for writing and art:
Once I finished up a couple of Hacklopedia of Beasts Submissions; I’ll be blowing the virtual dust off a couple ideas and sending them a query or two.

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