Sunday, August 28, 2016

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE (First Week of Sept) 

Some good news. The above is what dabbling in Publisher can accomplish. MAP! which sorta-kinda doesn't suck! Swamp Dock (its a working title which is so far unchallenged), will be released first week of Sept 2016. The product features clean labeled & unlabeled versions, one hexagon map and one graph. One map, four versions in a PDF and each map will also be in jpg when it's purchased for download. I'm going to release two other MAP! products (different terrain obviously) as well. And release them into the digital wild, the following week and third week of Sept. Price: 100 pennies each.

Will I make more than 3? Unlikely, pending sales/interest. If I had to guess (which I am) usually these sorts of products don't usually sell many. Though I'm certainly going to lay these out so they are nice products, I'm also learning as I go and for the most part have no idea what I'm actually doing. I figure its best to start small and work up to bigger projects once experience points have been gained. I'm a team of one after all and you can't slay a dragon at level 1. (insert: evil grin) I'm such a salesman... If I sell ten I'll be happy. See that, for $1.00 you will have paid for 1/10 of my happiness. How can you not?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review Burp

Usually, posts which highlight Review Burps will be much shorter. Since my reviews publish and I’m fortunate to be paid to write them, it would be counterproductive for me to post them here (Edit: pending permission, which I've received). The Review Burp is, a *snippet* of a written review, and notes where it's published. It's also an additional service to the publisher. If you click the title above each entry it will take you to the page, which I'm affiliated... So Buy Something. It's only internet bucks.

Disclosure: Links to product pages and the banner(s) below include my affiliate identification. I receive token % in compensation if you purchase something on the landing page.

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs @"

Here is the tally so far:

A brutal-simple RPG, which despite its small size is a wealth of possible adventure.  Good for one shots, or more specifically: those times when not all of your player groups shows. If you love zombies or zombies love you (like this reviewer) it’s a must have you likely hadn’t heard of.  

DarkFast Dungeons


A well designed and colorful print and play product. DFD truly offers vast amounts of replay-ability. A great way to introduce youth to gaming and the dungeon delve.

If you don’t know Labyrinth Lord, you defiantly should check it out. You can check out and an artless version absolutely free.


I loved Baker Street. This RPG features a skill based system. The game mechanics offer a streamlined (and innovative) method in which to ratchet up the tension, as the characters discover the clues necessary to solve the case. The game is afoot!  


If you enjoyed Jason Richards work with Palladium Books or you are in search of a post-apocalyptic setting with a Star Gate theme, this game is for you. The setting provides three city settings and a unique slew of alien races which you can create a character from.


Feed received a negative review. While aspects of it were on the cusp of being brilliant, it's sandbox elements left me feeling disappointed. The base concepts of this game have promise, but the execution (into something I would enjoy playing) was lacking. The game does have a few pieces of really nice art. And last I checked it was available as a pay what you want for the PDF.

Cryptworld is a D10 monster mash. I wasn't a big fan of the system, but it certainly offers something unique. Want a little more mystery with your mash, the game seems more than able to provide.


I really enjoyed LotFP and the revised Death Frost Doom. To describe it: A retro-clone and a neo-clone fall in love a give each other a "special hug." The result of this unsanctioned union is a three headed, one eyed, red haired monster, commonly known as Lamentations of the Flame Princess.


Luchador O' Luchador? Perhaps the ultimate niche (we are talking Mexican wrestling) game. Classic monsters and Area 51 type aliens make it a bit of a mash. Besides, who wouldn't want to slay vampire spawn, while wearing a speedo and a mask.

A great way to introduce roleplaying to kids. Mash some buttons and it can be yours. Adventures are laid out in a simple (fast play) kid friendly and play tested (Are we there yet?) format.


This RPG trades in fey and demi-human races for pirates and flintlocks. The mechanics are as solid, the system is skill based (think BRP). The setting is robust and well written.

Forgetaboutit! Crime Network is well laid out and organized and provides a city of sin and corruption. The player characters "work" their way up ranks of the American Mafia. Who says crime doesn't pay? I would have liked to have seen more depth in this RPG. That said, the mafia theme isn't very common in RPGs, so it certainly stands on its own.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Unofficial Parting Shots Contest

Each issue of Knights of the Dinner Table features, one page of fan created comics; AKA: Parting Shots. The submissions are unpaid, but glory my friends, is forever.

This contest is simple. Fill in the dialog. Post it in the Comments. Only one entry will win. For those with cracked monitors, we have a D4, saying something to the business end of a Magic 8-ball, a prediction by the Magic 8-Ball and whatever the Magic 8-Ball thinks (because obviously though D4s can talk, Magic 8-Balls cannot...).

D4 Asks/Says:
Magic-8-Ball's Thought:

If you have an idea that fits the theme, but doesn't fit the text bubbles-post it anyway. I drew this one so likely I'll be able to edit it without too much fuss. Be sure an include your name (or handle) so that I can co-author it within the gag. I'll post the finalists here and decide the winner.

When/if I know which issue the gag publishes I'll post it up here. As I am just a mortal freelancer who submits stuff to the greatest gaming magazine/comic known to man, I cannot guarantee your idea will publish. Sort of a downer, but you'll also have to buy your own issue.

Here is a list (stolen from Wikipedia) of typical Magic-8-Ball Predictions:
  1. It is certain
  2. It is decidedly so
  3. Without a doubt
  4. Yes, definitely
  5. You may rely on it
  6. As I see it, yes
  7. Most likely
  8. Outlook good
  9. Yes
  10. Signs point to yes
  11. Reply hazy try again
  12. Ask again later
  13. Better not tell you now
  14. Cannot predict now
  15. Concentrate and ask again
  16. Don't count on it
  17. My reply is no
  18. My sources say no
  19. Outlook not so good
  20. Very doubtful
Contest Ends: Sept 1. The winner will be posted the same day. Any other questions just ask.  

Disclosure: This site is an affiliate with The Banner below includes my affiliate identification and I receive a token % if you decide to purchase something from the landing page.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Evil Which Forgot

Death Frost Doom
The Evil Which Forgot, is pretty much in the idea/outline (resist the urge to crumple paper and place it in the recycle bin) phase. This thing that I'm making will be my first delve to produce an independent project, it will be OSR and I'll likely meld it to LABYRINTH LORD. I've ran it a number of times and my notes are solid... As in burned into my memory.

Making this thing for OSRIC or  Swords_&_Wizardry is a matter of degree. Should I? I've seen a few indie publishers do this (makes note to contact those that do). Possible.

The idea to write this adventure module is inspired by Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP), revised Death Frost Doom. That said, it won't really tread on the same forsaken ground. And it was more the voice of the author(s) which inspired.

When I contacted James Edward Raggi IV about reviewing LotFP for Knights of the Dinner Table (#230), he wanted me to get a better feel for 'Lamentations' by including DFD, as revised by Zac Sabbath.

DFD is easy to describe and easy to give away (which I won't). It's absolutely dreadful, in a rock falls everyone dies (the GM smiles) kind of way. I gave LotFP and DFD a positive review. Both are worth the cost of admission.


The Evil Which Forgot... This thing that I'm making has one hurdle: ART! I'm at the point now that if I do commit (which I pretty much have) I will have to (as I like to say), ART IT. When I think about most RPG products, art tends to sway my favoritism. Am I shallow? Absolutely!. Being without a budget, being obsessive, and being an unknown... What more, in regards to challenge/motivation, could I ask for?
I used to be able to draw stuff. Will it be perfect? Unlikely. In the back of my mind-making a journey to a local art college and literally waiting outside a few of the classes seems like a viable option...
"Hey-Captain Talent, want to have some of your work published?"
Luckily the maps (2) are almost done.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Within the Dungeon

Okay. The blog title is set. It only took an hour and a half!

Within the Dungeon

“I have never made any money on writing. I work too slowly, throw away too much, and what I write that sells is not at all the sort of thing I really want to write.”

-Raymond Chandler

Welcome to Within the Dungeon. Congratulate yourself -in reading this, you’ve single handedly stumbled upon the greatest blog in the history of this specific IP. I write role playing game (RPG) content, review RPGs, and not to exclude some of the other things I’m planning; (most of which will include indie publishing and making this blog viable) some of the things I write/create publish. This blog is about that.

In this first year (August to August) this blog will focus on writing and hopefully be a mini-resource for writers interested in the RPG Industry, RPG Reviews, & the occasional RPG News bit, though admittedly these pieces will be of the opinion or exposure, variety. 

Have to work on that header. Oh yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing…