Friday, September 30, 2016

Rite Publishing: Pathways E-Zine Will Keep on, Keeping On
Pathways #57

The future of Pathways was a bit in the air these last couple of months and understandably so, with the happenchance passing of Rite Publishing's CEO Steven D. Russell.

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The good news, is that this small press publication will be keeping on, and continue to produce quality Pathfinder content in PDF through's Pay What You Want program, as well as offer a Print on Demand option which isn’t much above cost. 

From the Pathways Patreon Page:  

"Hello Patrons and Future Patrons
We have made the final determination that we will be continuing Pathways! I'm pleased to announce that the amazing Dave Paul will be managing the development of Pathways on a go forward. He's worked on this project from the very beginning and so there is no one more fitting to take on this role! Please continue to share the word with your fellow gamers about the magazine and of course the Patreon! We appreciate all of the love and support and patience we've received from everyone and look forward to bringing you more fun comic strips and crazy monster templates."


Miranda Russell

Submissions Open:

Pathways is a virtually (pay what you want) free E-zine full of Pathfinder Open Game Content, supplement reviews, including interviews with artists and creators, and not to mention game articles for Pathfinder. They also accept unsolicited queries for writing and art:
Once I finished up a couple of Hacklopedia of Beasts Submissions; I’ll be blowing the virtual dust off a couple ideas and sending them a query or two.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review Burp
Dead Reign
My review of Dead Reign is featured with Indy Game Scene, in issue #236 of Knights of the Dinner Table this month. 

Criticisms included, Dead Reign is my favorite Zombie Apocalypse RPG. I play it with a modified system to give it more of a Walking Dead feel. I love illustrations in this book by Amy Ashbaugh. I even had the pleasure of contributing some game material, which published in the Rifter #64. I'm I biased? Somewhat-though the review certainly lists my criticisms. I'm surprised its a silver seller, despite getting a 2.5/5 review score at drivethru.  

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Angry Nerd: On Writing

The Nird is Angry!
Writing Sucks! I'm doing a lot of speculative writing lately. It's not the writing that is speculative, but (in hindsight) the companies I'm submitting content to. I'm sure most, if not all writers have a similar story. Though it really doesn't take the sting out of it.

The short version is that I did some editing for the manager/owner of a site on some of the articles. Mostly it was pretty basic, so I did it on my own time. Then went ahead and pitched some articles, which I've had in my back pocket, but would provide (I thought) good content for the site. I'm not naming the company or the industry, just describing this random frustration. There might be a small chance I get paid something of what I'm due (Its not RPG or review related), but actually that's not true, I'm not getting paid.

Anyway... We got to talking shop (on the company forum in PM) and the person asked if I'd write up a 3k-5k word article. We agreed on a rate. Different from what I had pitched, but the per word rate was solid. I finished the article (5k), submitted it, the manager/owner was happy and the check was (supposedly) in the mail two weeks later. The check never shows.

A month goes by and I send an email (which isn't responded to) and follow it with private message, shortly after. The owner responds, "Oh-I forgot, yadda-yadda-it's on the way." The check never shows. The second month I send two PMs and two emails neither are get a response and low and behold there is my article in plain view, except its edited to oblivion... And the byline isn't me...
Like I said, I'm not getting paid. In honor of that let's post a video that sums up my frustration. Much love for Harlan Ellison. 
 Happy Writing!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review Burp

WtF 2nd Edition
My review of Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition is featured with Indy Game Scene in issue #235 of KoDT this month.

Onyx Path Publishing has certainly brought a new look and cleaned up the feel of the old World of Darkness line. The PDF of this book is absolutely beautiful. You won't find a better RPG which emphasizes the character driven campaign.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Map! Now Available

Digital Release

Map! Products are available at!

Swamp Dock
Coastal Village
Tower Ruin
This is the beginning. A new process. My first delve in producing an independent thingy.

Map! products are serviceable for any fantasy RPG system. Each product includes 2 variants of the same map: labeled and unlabeled. Each variant has 3 versions of measurement: clean, graph & hexagon.

What happens when the player character's arrive is up to you. Map! provides a visual cue to get started.

Disclosure: Links to product pages include my
affiliate identification. I receive token % in compensation if you purchase something on the landing page.

Best Selling RPGs - Available Now @

Thursday, September 1, 2016

RPG Review: TROPES Zombie Edition
Tropes Zombie Edition
The following is a review of three products: TROPES Zombie Edition, TROPES: Zombie Edition Companion!, and TROPES: Zombie Edition, Flight of the Zombie. Hereafter, TROPES: Zombie Edition shall be abbreviated as TZE. As of this review, all of these products are available at as a "MEGA STARTER BUNDLE," in PDF format. Or you can select titles individually and pick your poison, be it PDF or Softcover.

Small Niche Games ( Facebook site) was kind enough to provide the download links for the artless version of the TZE main book, as well as the fully illustrated version of the TZE Companion! and TZE Flight of Zombie (one shot scenario). I've wanted the opportunity to write an RPG review for sometime... So, let us begin

Disclosure:  Links throughout this review include my affiliate identification. I receive token % if you purchase something on the landing page.
As a platform, Kickstarter has certainly increased opportunities for indie game publishers to create content. Good, bad, and ugly (yes, I'm looking at you Everything is Dolphins). Honestly, it's been an uneven mix. The most notorious variety of Kickstarter RPGs is either a game that is either just flat, less-wonderful than its pledge page, or one that never delivers. There have been a lot of games/products that fall into these two categories, but not all… Remember Kickstarter is a platform, not a publisher… And most publishers or I should say any worth noting, have a social media presence, and or a track record. Pay attention to that. Look it up before you mash the pledge button.
Tropes Zombie Edition Companion
So, many game publishers create their own problems in overselling or under delivering the quality of their pledge pages, But how did TZE do?
I found TZE to be an RPG, which is exactly what the author says it is. This in of itself is a minor accomplishment, and the author even says it better than I can, so let’s quote it…

The opening line from the product page:
“Ever wanted to play a game that explores the deep personal horror of the zombie apocalypse? Where the choices you make in times of crisis define who you are? Where zombies are only a backdrop and humans are responsible for the true evils in the world?

Well, go find another game! This game is about killing zombies, so you can forget all that touchy feely crap!”
I really like this game. Tropes Zombie Edition is a rules light system, designed to support action packed-zombie slaying, one shot scenarios. I’m hard pressed to find an RPG that introduces a new system in such a simple and effective manner. Though being fair, this is my first review. The game is well written and there’s a good amount of substance. The game material is more than adequate for the Zombie Master (ZM), AKA: Game Master or Referee, to develop their own one shot scenarios and bring those to the tabletop.
Flight of The Zombie
Getting started there’s a good chance that even non gamers will have all the materials needed: writing utensils-check, a bowl (a bowl?-interesting)-check and some D6s-duh!?! At least three D6 are recommended for each player and should it so happen that you are a desperate non-gamer, I guess those anguished stained, dirty and neglected Yahtzee dice are finally going to be put to good use. Don’t worry closet case-Yahtzee aficionados, I feel you. Before the game starts, the ZM will most likely have printed out a few player character sheets, which can be copied or printed from the main book as needed. Also, a map for the location of the scenario is required and performs the duty of the game board. The map of Flight of the Zombie, is a jumbo plane, but a ZM creating their own scenario might take home a local zoo or stadium map, that is after paying for them of course, if they are not complimentary... Alternatively, as suggested in TZE, the ZM should easily be able to find a something with a relevant image search on their computer.

The game begins with the ZM describing the location that the characters reside at the time of the zombie outbreak, as well as the real world timeframe the game should involve. A one to four hour game is recommended. Start to finish, Flight of the Zombie, is suggest to take an hour of real time to get through. Including character creation, my groups playtest ran a little over two hours.

With character creation, players are tasked with creating three characters on the sheets provided by the ZM, with a lot of personal freedom as to who these characters can be. When finished, each character sheet is folded and placed into a bowl at the center of the table. Players then draw one character out and gameplay begins with the ZM narrating a brief introduction as to what the characters are doing at the moment the outbreak begins.

Zombies! - Available Now @

Side Note: I enjoyed the bowl. I would say “we” enjoyed the bowl, however a couple of my players didn’t appreciate the characters they drew on the first pull. They warmed up eventually. We termed it the “The bowl of fate.” If a bit of random knuckle headed fun is what one shots are all about, then the bowl of fate, certainly provided us that.
 Character Generation is quick. Each character has only three abilities Muscle Agility and Wits. Points for abilities are distributed and an interesting feature of the game is that not all characters have the same amount points to distribute among these abilities. Each player creates one character with seven points, one with six and one with five. The players pick a background, for which there is a table provided to give options and ideas for those wanting to create something unique. The chosen background might impact skills and task resolution, throughout game play, which may award a bonus chance of success (roll an additional D6) given the situation. Skills are not chosen but the ZM and player will negotiate this on the fly concerning a specific task the character desires to achieve. This helps keep character creation simple. Last, players write a three sentence description of their character(s)-and write down gear they may have.
Gameplay concerning Tasks and Combat (sections) utilize a D6 mechanic. Success or failure is determined by the difficulty of the task, with a modifier table provided for the ZM (but players can negotiate) to determine which ability score task falls under be it: Muscle, Agility, or Wits. The modifier table, matching ability to task, is well outlined and pretty clear. There are also a number of optional “crunchier” rules and short examples provided throughout the TZE main book, which provide a useful guideline of how gameplay should proceed with tasks.

The combat section could have been expanded a bit more or at least as well as the task section, though tasks and combat are in essence the same mechanic so I understand why the combat section wasn’t as outlined. There is also an interesting mechanic: Action Points, which award characters when they achieve a critical success (rolling a result of six on a D6). Action Points can be used at the player’s discretion to increase a single die roll or avoid damage from an attacking zombie, during or beyond the encounter in which they were earned. Character mortality is delivered at a high rate and players need all the help they can get.

(Disclosure: This review is property of Kenzer and Company, republished here with permission.)

So what didn’t I like? Well… I didn’t like the art. Art is highly subjective (just like reviews-ehh?) so I’ll simply say it just wasn’t my cup of coffee. One exception, the map of the plane, Flight of the Zombie” is well done. Some of the art through the TZE Companion is serviceable-but my criticism of this product is that some of the Zombie types don’t fit… Yet? I’m assuming those types are potential precursors for future scenarios...
Movement rules and who goes, what-when-how, is a bit wonky. Either that or my player group and I are a bit wonky…  However, as written it works and is adequate.

Beyond gameplay, the books are laid out in that familiar (old school) double column style. Sections are well defined with a black bold headings and white letters. These books are well written. I’m half temped to go back through right this moment and try and find some sort of spelling or grammar error. Suffice it to say, two full readings and one successful playtest later; I didn’t find any. The author’s tone is casual with humor sprinkled in.

For game that generated a little less than 1k internet bucks on Kickstarter, I felt that a lot of people had missed the zombie plane on this one, and I do recommend spending the extra bucks for the published scenario, Flight of the Zombie. My gaming group and I had a lot of fun with it. Luckily, if zombie games aren't your thing, Small Niche Games has a number of D&D/OSR products that you might consider giving a look; including a WWII themed RPG Operation Whitebox. You can click right here and take a look at other SNG products over at 

Fill the Gag Comic Contest Winner!

And the winner is...

Congrats to Jonathan Richards. "Pyramid Schemes" is off to Knights of the Dinner Table for Parting Shots. Many thanks to both participants.