Friday, February 10, 2017

Mashing Buttons: DonJon’s RPG Tools

Last night I had some time on my hands. All Internet connected up and nowhere to go.  The writing of my RPG Reviews for KoDT are (for once) well ahead of schedule. And I’m waiting for some correspondence on some other writing with another publisher (not RPG related). Like any good blogger, I found myself reading through my blog roll to see what I had missed.

After a couple, there was the usual stop at Tenkar’s Tavern, which is rarely not at the top of the blogger roll and then a notable blogpost by RPGPundit, making the case that the success of the Dragonlance Trilogy, likely caused the eventual down fall of TSR-which-though it didn’t start that way, turned out to be a point (unto itself and) well made, though I didn't agree.
And from there I clicked something… then something else, I’m certain Gnome Stew was in there somewhere and... BAaaaM!?!

I found a link to DonJon’s RPG Tools. While I’m certain many in the blog-sphere and social media in general have already covered this excellent RPG resource, I’m not above doing ritual necromancy to bring it back to life. But actually I don't need to, the site keeps stats: 12 hours/4k+ dungeons made.
As of yet, I’m still not done browsing. I leave you to mash your own internet buttons. Dungeons aren't the only OSR thing you can make, but the least you can do is stop in... Especially, if you haven't (such as me) before.


  1. Ha! Too funny man, I just discovered this earlier this week as well! Small world, was loving the random generators. Where was this stuff when you and I were gaming man!

  2. Yeah, It's pretty awesome. Dont' miss out on checking in with all the other tools as well.