Sunday, February 19, 2017

RPG NEWS: Rogue Heroes Founder Attempts Suicide

Rogue Heroes Founder Carmen Bellaire attempted suicide this last Friday the 17th, after receiving aggressive pushback by the backers of Robotech RPG Tactics (RRT) when announcing his intention to launch the Rifts Board Game. A critical review of Carmen's comments from this very blog are here. This news was reported by Palladium Books owner and president, Kevin Siembieda in update #197 on the RRT Kickstarter page.

While I have certainly been a critical of Rogue Heroes and Carmen Bellaire (and Palladium Books and Kickstarter, for that matter). The focus these criticisms have to do with Rogue Heroes intention to launch a Kickstarter which utilizes Palladium Books IP. And in relation to the fact, that it would do so, while the RRT Kickstarter remains unfulfilled.    

I don't agree with the tone of the update, it lacks context, as to the origin/reason of the angst and points a big middle finger at backers and in part to Rogue Heroes. Still, is now the time to be pointing fingers? Or making points...?

The better part of me thinks not. This turn of events bothers me and even though I've expressed my viewpoint and I stand by that; My heart goes out to Carmen and his family and friends. I hope that he recovers. And out of respect, I'll leave it there.

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