Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Digital Product Release: Borders of Yore

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Borders of Yore
Borders of Yore, is a publisher’s resource which utilizes the wonderful designs of public domain and page/border art. This collection is perfect for OSR products/e-zines and the like! Collection #1 consists of 8 pieces which have been cleaned up, vectored and formatted. In addition, derivative pieces and arrangements have been made from the originals. This product is available on DriveThruRPG.com & RPGNow.com  
 Borders are 300 dpi with black lines
 Borders are clean and can be modified with software effects and image filters
 Borders are can be resized with software such as Adobe, Inkscape, Gimp.
 Each Border comes in Tif and PNG format
 Borders are best suited for page or booklet sizes, or smaller.
A fair use license is included with the PDF. This work includes both public domain and derivate work. Borders of Yore is formatted and intended for use in publishing.