Friday, March 17, 2017

Making a Thing!: Part Two & General Updates

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Trouble on the Road

"Traveling, the player characters come upon a carriage robbery, mid progress. The passenger who emerges from the carriage is not a victim of road bandits, despite his claim, but one of two road bandits in the midst of this robbery."  

Update: The bulk of this adventure is written. I'm in the editing process now. I received some good feedback on the first draft, as to suiting it for OSR. I've changed it for use with Labyrinth Lord as I've just began running a campaign out of the Black Box 1070 (and I'm picking up the Rules Cyclopedia, before the PCs hit 5th level). For the most part with the editing; the goal is to be more specific, spotting and cutting out the verbiage. As it stands the word count is around 5k. I don't know what the final total will be and word count isn't really all that important, as long as the writing is as tight as it can/should be. Being fair this is going to take some time (says, my dyslexia).

I was able to do some work with one of the maps during the week:

It's certainly an improvement, from where (link to another page on this blog) I started. I would like to keep this map black and white, but the look of the field between the road and the grove of trees is something I've got to figure out. I've been looking for examples in black and white art, but I haven't found the right look. If anyone can point to good black and white maps, which depict grass/foliage etc., I'd love a link in the comments.

I also did some preliminary NPC character sketches in pencil. I haven't transferred these to my computer yet. I thought to use this Elmore, Stock are collection but I'm probably not going to. It's been awhile, but these character sketches don't look to bad.

General Updates:

I received a modest commission last weekend from someone who liked the look of my Map! products. The link to my drivethru page is here, if you'd like to check'em out. I've spent most of this week putting the initial look together. Here is the pic, that came with the commission:

This included with a couple of changes. That the trees be more cartoony and that the exterior wall/moat barrier of the exterior keep, should be more rounded. I've got plenty of time as the requestor noted his group plays once a month and shouldn't arrive (at said location) till Christmas. It's for a Western RPG, but I didn't ask which. Here is the work on that:

Obviously, I need to get a better handle on vector graphics. This commission was unexpected. This will be my last project using the wonderful, but limited MS paint. I'm really creating from scratch when I do these. I have some templates that I use (as to size etc.) but really you have to have a monk like mentality when you go to work with this program. After I finish, I'll certain be adding this to the Map! product line.

I have only a base knowledge in vector graphic software. I released Borders of Yore on drivethru recently, which is a collection of public domain and derivative, border art. One of these pieces I'm using as for the table of contents page for Trouble on the Road. I think these pieces are great for that purpose, or mostly for frill/page border art. I used gimp and inkscape to get them all set. I'll probably put together a second collection as time permits.

I'd love to look at something your working on. Feel free to leave a link to it in the box below. And because it seems that nothing sells like shameless self promotion, please click on the banner below and see if any of my Map! products might be serviceable for your adventures/campaigns.

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