Wednesday, March 8, 2017

RPG NEWS; Submissions Open: Raging Swan Press

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Twas, many nights after Brexit and all through the dungeon, not a creature was stirring over at Raging Swan Press, not even... wait?! what? How many cents per word?

Raging Swan Press (RSP) is buried beneath a dragon's hoard of freelancer submissions. It's their own fault. Through the success of their Patreon they've continued to publish quality content, while quietly paying the highest per word rate, in the ENTIRE RPG industry.

From the RSP Patreon:

From the Patreon
And it recently got better, as the previous rate of 9 cents has been bumped (yet, again) to an astounding 11 cents per word. I mean, that is pretty awesome. When the average rate for RPG content is around 2 to 4 cents per word (and RSP is around 3x that), it's just awesome (did I mention, it's awesome?).

Technically, submissions aren't open. But they might be soon. Click here: (submission page) and get the jump on when they might be. If you fail your saving throw, you can always support the Patreon. And if you're a cheep-a... Ah-I mean if you're frugal, RSP also has a lot of excellent free content.

What does Raging Swan Press know that you don't? Simple. RPG Freelancers are people too (insert: evil grin)... No really, they are!

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