Saturday, March 4, 2017

Within the Dungeon: Making a Thing!
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Hey! I'm making a thing! It's a team effort. We have a long way to go. The goal is to finish before August and release a PDF.

"Me" has finished most of the writing (90%). "Myself" is making progress on the art (20%). And "I" is lording over these two infamous procrastinators and cracking the whip! (110%)


That's the whip... Duh!

Unfortunately, it's slow going. I'm beginning to have a true appreciation of my many, and wonderful, limitations. We can't just slop this thing together. The idea is to make this thing unique. And awesome. Anything less than max effort, sucks. Oh wait, what is it you ask? (thanks for asking)

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It's a short adventure module for Labyrinth Lord (Basic D&D *wink*). I know, I know you've heard that before...

It's an in-between adventure. While the player group is traveling, instead of rolling on a monster encounter table you insert this thing.

The working title is "Trouble on the Road," which pretty much describes it. Obviously, the title isn't sexy, as far as titles go. Another possible title (currently in second place and gaining) is "The Trouble with Strangers," I'm liking this more. I had a recent idea to change the outline a bit... Honestly, I'm considering it.

To the left is a low-res mock up of the table of contents page. I've been working on the art. So that's what you get. The border is from some public domain art. I pixelated it, blew it up, cleaned the white spaces, did some resizing of the shapes and blew it down. The font is from (....this is me looking through me links... still looking... still looking...) Ye Olde Oak. Check out that font! And the carriage chase is a combination of Google search and my mad skills to use multiple profile pics and stay inside the lines with a virtual black marker. Though I couldn't find enough suitable horses in gallop so I did have to make some of my own lines, so they all didn't look like the one horse from which they were black marker-ed from... We can't have this thing being a one horsed module... (Ha!) I also drew the horsemen on top and the coachman flailing away. Yeah, I did stuff. With virtual thingys...

There is also a couple of maps. The more I look at this map (below) the more I want to scrap it. Oh, well. It will look better or I will. That's a carriage beside a road and a grove of trees (not lumpy rocks) in the right corner. My goal is to post about this project and show progress once a week.

By all means comment, share, like, subscribe, sit on a tuffet. But what I would really like is to test this thing beyond my group. If you're a blogger that does reviews that would be good too. I'll need both. If you'd consider yourself either leave a comment.

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