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RPG News: Why only one crowdfunding cookie jar, when two (and four months apart) might do?

End Transmission Games (ETG) raised $8.6k with Kickstarter, for their Systems Malfunction RPG November 17, 2016. In what some are speculating as a suspicious twist, a second System’s Malfunction crowdfunding campaign recently popped (or at least, was noticed) at Indiegogo. The new Indiegogo campaign was started (approximately) four months after the original Kickstarter campaign funded. And most pointedly, is seeking to gather additional funding, before the first is fulfilled.

Luckily my crack team (which consist of me, myself and I) of button mashing internet sleuths is on the case! But before I slap myself on the back for a job half done, the real credit goes to the Kicksnarker Community over on G+. Credit where credit is due and all that… You won’t find a better community, interested in keeping each other in the know, in regards to questionable crowdfunding projects.
We don’t have access to the last Kickstarter update (backers only), but I suspect that it's asking for backers of that project to spread the word and support the one over at Indiegogo. There was an additional theory over a Kicksnarker that the Indiegogo campaign might be fraudulent (as in not being run by ETG) or run by a poser.

A quick search and we’ll put that theory to rest. First is this post over at RPG.Net

Second, is this post over at the Facebook page of the Director of Sales for End Transmissions Games.

Third and likely the most important is the language over at the Indiegogo campaign itself. While It’s a bit obscure as far as what “already funded,” implies and doesn’t link to Kickstarter, it clearly states…  
“This amazing RPG has already been funded and is in production - but we need your help to take this rulebook and its stunning art from black and white to full color.”
This is the exact line; mentioned twice.

So we have a claim. The reason for the additional funding is to make a black and white product, available in color. In my mind the problem here and why others are showing concern is legit. If you’re an associate of End Transmission Games, or you’re a company planning a future crowdsource, consider it food for thought:

First and it has to be said, is that It is bad form to start an additional and most relevant nearly identical crowd sourcing campaign before the first is concluded and delivered. You took your shot, successfully funded and instead of completing and delivering the project, you’ve chosen to divide some attention in order to run a concurrent project on another platform. In the least sense this is like getting a loan, then getting a second loan before you pay the first lender back. It could go a lot deeper than that, as to "reasons," but we'll leave it there.
Second, the original campaign funded for $8.6K in the second campaign you're asking for 3.5k or in total 12.1k to produce color. Why? The original KS goal to reach color was, "Ding!"
20K? Scroll back up and let's look at that post again.
"It funded, but we landed well, well short of the full color stretch goal. After readjusting our expectations (read: Devon and Mikaela decided to put more of their own money into the game) we realized if we just got $3,500 more we'd have the full color book we've wanted this whole time."
Now we have a statement and can imply that either the original asking price for color was over estimated... Or you've just pumped $8K of you're own money into the project. Or we can split the difference and say you over estimated and pumped $4k into the project. I hate speculation The thing is as I look more closely at this, other things don't mesh. If you wanted to produce a color project you should have raised the bar in what you were asking for or created a tier for PDFs in color. You may be asking for color, but essentially you are creating a patch project to make the first.  It could be the problem in how you structured the art contract as well, but I am getting off point. I would like to ask...?

In what did you pump more money in exactly? And why? Especially since it seems that the money you (allegedly) put in, didn't get you the result of color books. Call me crazy but I don't put half of my money on something... then walk around outside, in the hopes that I can convince a passerby to come into the store with me, to pay for the other half. I pay money and I get something. What did you pay for? If I was a backer I would certainly ask this.

End Transmission Games might just be socially inept. It is not impossible that everything is and will be on the Up and Up. But the more I look at this the more doubt is beginning to creep in.

The Indiegogo hasn't funded a red cent, so ETG might already have an answer, forget the vanity of color and produce the game that you promised and received funding for. That is my (not that you asked) advice. There is always next time for those that produce.

This post is titled with a question: Why only one crowdfunding cookie jar, when two (and four months apart) might do?

We don't know the answer yet, but I suspect we will-

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