Thursday, May 18, 2017

Making a Thing!: Map! Forest Keep

Map! (now
Okay, so I was able to get a little time away from writing RPG reviews this week. Map! Forest Keep, is in the final stages of completion. The commissioned piece is a bit different, and has already been sent along. Thank you, Ken for asking.

I don't own Adobe; I do it the old fashioned way with Desktop Publisher, and save the file as a PDF. It works fine, given that the PDF itself is really just for the preview feature of the product page.

While the finishing the work, I noticed my other Map! products are scaled at 10ft. sq., on the graph and at 5ft. per side for the Hex in the map keys. This is an error. Sides for both scales, should be at 5ft. as each of the sides are the same measurement in proportion.

I'm not fixing it. And as it was noted to me, the novelty of a map key isn't really how most fantasy maps are used. And most measurements assume 5ft.

Graph/Hex 100 DPI Example
However, what I am working on is going through and making a more digitally friendly pack for each of the previous three Map! products. These will be 100 DPI, which after a visit to Fantasy Grounds revealed that the original 300 DPI maps are much to big. Instead of hexing or graphing the full page for the 100 DPI maps, I'll be putting one unit of measurement near the center of the map, which the GM can scale with digital tools. This will avoid the double line problem that occurs when digital software is overlaid with fully graphed and hexed maps.

Product Sale Ends Soon
These digital tabletop additions will be completed by Sunday. And on Sunday Map! products (which are currently marked down) will return to their original pricing. So stop on in, a buy something, before I put the price to standard. And please click on the MAP! banner below to do so. Below is the rough draft, of the product page... Map! Forest Keep, will be ready and up for sale, mid to late next week.

Labeled/Hex 300 DPI Example

Map! Forest Keep

Map! products are in full color, providing a basic a visual location for the Referee (DM/GM) to populate and for the player characters to discover. This product contains a master PDF (preview), four print friendly versions at 300 DPI and two digital tabletop versions at in 100 DPI. Each digital tabletop version includes a single unit for measurement, near the center of the page one for hex, one for graph. For closer look, check out the PDF preview.
This Download Contains:
•Map! Forest Keep PDF
•PNG, generic; labeled (300 DPI)
•PNG, hex unlabeled (300 DPI)
•PNG, graph unlabeled (300 DPI)
•PNG, clean (300 DPI)
•PNG, hex digital unlabeled (100 DPI)
•PNG, graph digital unlabeled (100 DPI)
•My appreciation

Note: Printed on standard the hexagon and graph measurement is 5ft per side. This product is not for use in commercial products.
Disclosure: The Map! product banner below includes my affiliate identification. I receive a token percentage if you purchase something from the landing page. Your purchase supports this blog and it's content, thank you.


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