Monday, May 22, 2017

Map! Forest Keep Available Now!

Current Price: $1.00

Disclosure: Links in this post include my affiliate identification. I receive a token % if you purchase something.

Map products are 100% digitized in the U.S.A. on a computer which was manufactured in China... However, the computer includes circuit boards, plastic, and imitation aluminum screws, which may have been manufactured in other countries, such as the Philippines, Taiwan and perhaps even Zimbabwe... Truthfully, I don't know-cause I've never cranked this machine open, so therefore; there is certainly a chance, and let's not get caught up with specifics.

However, the point is... That your purchase not only supports me, but the entire world! Add to that, the fact that no trees were directly harmed in the making of this product... And well... you get the point. Buy it! And if you're really looking for bonus points, tell someone you did.

Map! Forest Keep: $1.00
Map! Forest Keep
Map! Products are in full color, providing a visual location for the Referee (DM/GM) to populate and for the player characters to discover. This product contains a master PDF (preview), four print friendly versions at 300 DPI and four identical versions for the digital tabletop at in 100 DPI. The 100 DPI digital tabletop versions include a single unit of measurement near the center of the page, one for hex and one for graph. For closer look, check out the PDF preview.
This Download Contains:
  • Map! Forest Keep PDF (preview)
  • Print Friendly, Zip File PNG (300 DPI)
    Four Versions: clean, graph, hexagon, & labeled  
  • Digital Friendly, Zip File PNG (100 DPI)
    Four Versions: clean, graph, hexagon, & labeled 
  • My appreciation. Please take the time rate, review and comment. Also, what sort of Map! products would you like to see in the future? I welcome your ideas.
Note: Hexagon and graph measurements are at 5ft per side. This product is not for use in commercial products.

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