Monday, May 8, 2017

RPG NEWS: Rifts Board Game Kickstarter; Part Two

And... The Top Three Reasons Not to Participate!

Rifts Board Game (mock)
Look, the internet is the worst sort of venue to provide advice. Somehow, in the back of the readers mind, is this idea that what's really being shown, and especially if that topic is one which incites passion, is moral authority. Or worse, that you're trying to dissuade them, because in "secret" you are actually in support of the company which (so far), essentially ripped them off...

This often gets out of hand, such as is the case with my inbox receiving a number of emails (5 total) concerning my blogposts posts here, and my posts in reference, on the DakkaDakka  forum.

Angry Nird

Writing which, specifically concerns Robotech RPG Tactics (RRT) by Palladium Books & the about to launch Rifts Board Game (RBG) by Rogue Heroes. The only thing I can attribute this to, is me asking (angry) nerds, that if they decided to troll the Rifts Board Game that...

1) It would be in bad taste, given the circumstances and based on what they were claiming they were going to say, and...

2) That they might consider posting with consideration and stick to the facts, without making it a personal endeavor.

Okay... Maybe I did insert some moral authority... What can I say? There is a difference in showing displeasure with someone (or a company) based on their work (or lack thereof), or attacking them personally. And that's my view and I (apparently) have no right to insert it...

Okay, I could have also said, that if you backed Robotech RPG Tactics, and didn't even attempt to roll, (as in lift a finger to do some checking) on your research skill check: you are a moron... Because honestly, that's my view despite the fact I (apparently) have no right to insert it...

After all what's good for the goose...?

If you chose not to do any research into Palladium Books concerning the RRT Kickstarter and you backed...

Are you still angry? Even though I might think it, would it be okay for me to call you a moron based on that, alone?

No, it really wouldn't, and neither should it be. This sort of rhetoric could go on endlessly... Reap what you sow, but get off of my grass (or inbox) in the meantime.

The truth is all of us have made mistakes, some worse than others...

And before anything explodes I'm not addressing the many reasoned and more eloquent voices of dissent, the ones that might actually say or post something "insightful" and give links to prove their points or in the least reference their "theories." Including distinguishing the difference in the first place... (You know who you are)

Unless you truly believe Palladium Books botched this on purpose (which I'm pretty certain this in not the case), I say the time has come to give them (and all their mismanagements) some slack... In the end we are talking about a game made with pieces of cardboard and plastic. If you're planning to troll, in the way, which was explicitly detailed to me... Just don't.

Honestly, this is my last post on the topic, I'll edit in the links to the actual Kickstarter post (3:00pm). Not that I need to say it, but I have been a serious and (hopefully) thoughtful pundit of both the RRT and RBG from the get-go. I do not support either project, which I covered the reasons why here and here. Originally, I planned to address the trolls more specifically, but in the spirit of reasons to NOT back the Rift Board Game, I'm Not addressing the trolls more specifically, other than send a link to that forum. Reasoned discussion is always welcome in the comments, troll comments which intend to inflame me when I've spent the time urging friends and blog readers to not back this project is pretty F@#$in' ridiculous. I guess in a way you got what you wanted (anyway).

In truth, I've reached the point where this whole debacle makes me (watch your shoes) want to "gak-gaaahk-gak." In the spirit of moral authority lets consult an expert... from a church I'll never attend and seemed the most relevant to the topic at hand.

Top 3 Reasons Not to Back!!!

 “No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.”
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

“The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have. ”
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture 

 “People are more important than things.”
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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