Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RPG Gems: Pathways by Rite Publishing

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Pathways #66
Rite Publishing recently released Pathways #66, on drivethrurpg.com and rpgnow.com. If you've never heard of Pathways it's an RPG e-zine, which features Pathfinder compatible and system neutral content; also including RPG product reviews by Endzeitgeist.

Certainly, as I've published my first Pathfinder centric article in issue #66 (Memory Incantations), I'm a little biased... But, that doesn't change why I decided to write and submit content for Pathways.

First, it's an excellent Pathfinder/RPG resource, I haven't read an issue yet and not found at least two articles of interest. Second, the magazine is on Patreon and supports RPG freelancers by paying for Pathfinder and system neutral content. (for more info on submitting content click here) Third, each issue of Pathways is Pay What You Want (free). Based on these reasons, why not pick up a few issues and see if Pathways is an e-zine you can throw some Pathfinder support.

And if it is? Join the Patreon or throw some internet dollars towards your favorite issue(s). Whether joining the Patreon or just stopping by on drivethrurpg, money won't change the fact that you can enjoy an additional 60+ issues at a price point you can afford. And whatever the amount it's entirely up to you.

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