Friday, July 21, 2017

Map! Products & Borders of Yore: Chirstmas in July!

Map! Tower Ruin & Map! Swamp Dock are currently 25% off, as part of the "Christmas in July Sale." My publisher's resource product, Borders of Yore is also available. Admittedly I'm not huge fan of Drivethru's frequency of sales. I usually I don't option in. However, nearly coming up on this blog's one year blogiversary, I figure I'd give this one a try, as a test. Is this sale better than "Products written in Chinese Sale," or the "Thanksgiving on the second Tuesday of the Month Sale?" (Note: Those sales don't exists, I'm being smart) Ehh... We'll give this one a shot...
Disclosure: Products below include affiliate links. I receive a token % if you purchase something from the landing page.
Product Page Link Sale!!!
Borders of Yore

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