Sunday, July 30, 2017

Review Burp: Alpha Blue RPG Reviews with Stuffer Shack

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Alpha Blue
RPG reviews for Stuffer Shack begins! My review of Alpha Blue (link to Stuffer Shack) was posted just this last Friday. As mentioned prior (with Submissions Open), Stuffer Shack is paying a flat rate for RPG related articles and reviews. If you're interested the submission guideline is here. And the best advice I can give, is to browse the site to get a better idea of the sort of content they might be interested in.

In the future, I'll be including my announcement(s) of RPG reviews with Stuffer Shack along with what publishes with Knights of the Dinner Table and posts with EN World. But, it felt right to post a brag... err, I mean announcement of this first review. I've already got my next title for review with Stuffer Shack lined up... I just have to put aside the time.

Oh, yeah as to Alpha Blue? Well, you'll have to just head over to Stuffer Shack and read the review (duh)... But in the meantime, should I ever get the chance to run Alpha Blue... I'm running it in the 41st century.

And how did this movie get a PG rating in 1968!


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