Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RPG News: Stuffer Shack: RPG Submissions Open

The folks over at Stuffer Shack recently reorganized their Patreon, setting new publishing goals. I'll let front man Chris Stevens speak for himself...

Stuffer Shack Patreon

"Our content includes roleplaying game tips, game and supplement reviews, editorials, tutorials, as well as download to use for your characters, encounters and adventures."

Truly Terrifying Vampires
Submissions are currently open at Stuffer Shack in regards to any of the above mentioned content. A quick look over on the Patreon reveals: "All of your pledge goes directly to the writers (minus Patreon fees)." Rate of pay is currently $14 per accepted article.
Submission Guidelines.

Over at the Stuffer Shack website there's already a respectable amount of RPG articles, the occasional contest, and Truly Terrifying Vampires... Stuffer Shack's first Patreon release (cover, stage right).

This article by Justin Schmid, Finding Mansion Maps for your Game, is unbelievably awesome! One of many free articles on the site. If you do nothing else (and happen to be in need some free mansion maps/layouts for your RPG) certainly give this one a read.