Monday, August 7, 2017

Review Burp: EN World & KoDT #246 RPG Reviews

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KoDT #246
Writing RPG Reviews for EN World & Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) continues... For EN World, my reviews of Murders & Acquisitions and Sertorius posted last month; for KoDT I reviewed Simple Superheroes. Needless to say, but three very different RPGs.

Murders & Acquisitions is the first creation of Nerd Burger Games, a dry humored and (as I wrote in the review) delightfully absurd -corporate themed RPG. If you're in the market something different... I think it makes an excellent fill-in game. Crunch wise, it's a light and easy to learn system. The review on EN World is here.
Simple Superheroes

Sertorius is the third product I've had the pleasure of reviewing from Bedrock Games. I really like this RPG. This game includes a complete fantasy setting and the premise of the player character's taking the role as near demi-gods. The GM sections of this book are well done. The Review on EN World is here.

Simple Superheroes is a sandbox type RPG enabling player characters to create their own super powers and abilities. I enjoyed this RPG, but gave it a mixed review and I wasn't a huge fan of the overall layout of the book. There are certainly simpler games out, and due to layout I'd recommend the PDF over the dead tree version. I liked the GM section of this book as well. You can get a pretty good idea by checking out a succinct PDF outline of The Heart of Simple Superheroes -free of charge, here (no affiliation).

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