Sunday, August 27, 2017

RPG News: Modiphia - Issues 1# & #2

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Modiphius - GAMES

Modiphia #1
Modiphius Entertainment has been none to bashful about converting some of the entertainment industries most iconic intellectual properties (IPs), for the love of RPGs. From H.P. Lovecraft's mythos crafted into multiple ENnie award winner -Achung! Cthulhu (2013), and Robert E. Howards Conan the Barbarian, to CONAN - Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of (Kickstarter, currently mid fulfillment), the company is certainly on the up take.

Speaking of up. As in, up beyond the stratosphere and to outer space, the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game is currently less than three days away (which concludes at the end of August) from finishing its preorder status (link to the preorder). Will Star Trek Adventures be a preorder to publication or a preorder to a crowdsource..?

Modiphia #2
With some rummaging about the interweb, I learned firsthand (ala: “the Facebook”) from Chris Birch himself, that the preorder is really about getting things in line for a shipping a big crate of product for distribution to us here in “Americaland.” Nothing warms a gamer’s heart more than imagining a big old steel rectangular container packed tight, full of mini Borg Cube boxed sets, core rule books, custom dice and figurine miniatures. Still, if impatience is your virtue of choice you can still get onto or and order the Star Trek RPG in PDF, which has been a top seller recently or just head directly over to Modiphius Games site and purchase the dead tree and PDF version. Star Trek custom dice are also available (as a preorder).

Never ceasing to surprise, in spring of this year, the company released the first issue of Modiphia, a free, digital (PDF), quarterly publication, with articles focused on everything Modiphius Games: advertisement, miniatures & RPG content. Free or not Modiphia a top notch product in its own right. Issue #2 was released just last week and among a handful of well written and gorgeously illustrated pieces, is an insightful article for submitting adventures for Achung! Cthulhu, and so yes, the company has officially opened the flood gates and is interested in seeing (if I might borrow a fellow freelancer's term,) hobby-lancer content. Rate of pay for articles is a flat $30 prize in credit, towards Modiphius Entertainment products. Details on the submission process are in each issue of Modiphia. I'd post it, but it's query by email, so yeah... I'm not posting the email. You’ll just have to check out an issue. (Covers include links to

Modiphius also has a press form for RPG Reviewers & media (link) and a page for work for hire positions (link), which currently includes an interest in writers, artists, and miniature painters; to name a few.

-As always, best of luck!

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