Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Submissions Open: Knights of the Dinner Table Parting Shots
RPG Gag Comic
Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) is currently looking for gag/comic submissions for Parting Shots. If your submission is accepted, you'll receive a copy of the issue in which the work appears, and flat rate payment of $25. Not to shabby. Also, your name will be printed in real ink within one of the (if not, The) best RPG magazine known man and woman kind. If you have any hope of punching your ticket for a future audience with the "gamer gawds of the many faced dice..." This friends, is your chance. No pressure, but don't blow it...

"Wait. What is Parting Shots?" You ask.

In each issue, KoDT publishes a one page treatment of fan created gag/comic style illustrations. The title of this page is Parting Shots. A gag is defined as a one panel comic or one picture (dialog is optional), which for KoDT is usually focused on gamer humor: spoofs on fantasy races, dice, or RPG shenanigans. The best advice I can give is to consider picking up an issue of KoDT and witness what has come before, first hand. The second best advice is to check out this very blog (or create something better than the pic above, which shouldn't be too difficult), or just click RPG Gag Comic (link includes comics on this blog).

If you do submit, give yourself the best chance by including your name and address. Kenzer and Co.'s submission guidelines are here, which indeed need an update, but I can confirm that after an inquiry with one of the editors, that Parting Shots is now included under paid content. Follow the guidelines. I can only offer advice as a fellow submitter... AKA, in an unofficial capacity, but you have questions just ask. Good luck! (and mind my, inside joke: (Egg Embry)

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