Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Map!: Creek Camp & Map! Product Sale; Through Halloween

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I'm close to completing my fifth Map! product. Creek Camp will feature a few different layout options; a forest & terrain only option, a medium sized (enemy) camp and a small (player character) camp. As always each map will include a clean, hex and graph version (as well as include versions for the digital [100 dpi] tabletop & print [300 dpi]). This way, the end result will have a bit more value then my previous Map! products. Map! Creek Camp will be available this weekend. Depicted are the working samples; not final.

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Originally it was titled Orc Camp... Why orcs? Well... That's a long story. The short of it is that my D&D Basic group had a number of small skirmishes with a ravaging tribe of orcs. After besting a small group (orcs of the very same tribe) out of a dungeon, journeying about the country side is more perilous than usual.

The groups answer was to appeal aid of the local lord, (on behalf of the peasant farmers, of coarse) but he has few swords to spare (how many...?; roll 1d4+1). The lord has promised a small plot of land to the PCs if they can rid the land of the orc presence...

Since I'm close to completion, I've went ahead and offered a Map! sale. I don't always offer a price reduction on previous Map! products. The price reduction will run through Halloween. Please, if you do make a purchase, consider leaving a comment and rating the product. Thank you.

Edit: Creek Camp is available now HERE!

Map! Sale!

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