Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review Burp: EN World, KoDT & Stuffer Shack

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KoDT #247
the DIG
RPG Reviews for EN World & KoDT continues and as mentioned, I've been able to add a third venue, which I look forward to assisting with my reviewer slush pile: Stuffer Shack. For EN World I reviewed The Dig RPG, for KoDT A Red & Pleasant Land, and with Stuffer Shack: Kenzer & CO's Deadly Trappings. A narrative RPG, a setting book for D&D/LotFP, and system neutral product -oh my!

The Dig is an interesting narrative RPG, which you'll gather friends, and craft tales, all without a Game Master. If you're a narrative gamer, this product is certainly something you should take a closer look at... Each players skill at crafting the narrative reminds me very much of a diceless system, but this game incorporates a few dice rolls (d6) for challenges. I've included a YouTube, play-through video below. The review is here (link to EN World Review).

A Red & Pleasant Land
What can I say about A Red & Pleasant Land that hasn't already been said? I own the print 1st Edition & PDF. The genius of this product, is that it provides a literal road map for converting a fictional setting of your choice. Though I rarely agree, this product certainly deserved the ENnies it received (2 gold, 2 silver).

Deadly Trappings
Deadly Trappings is Kenzer & CO's trap manual, presumably the best of those traps published in Knights of the Dinner Table, before 2010. Certainly, as a regular contributor to KoDT I'm biased, and this is how I got my boot in the door... As I started writing Deadly Trappings for KoDT in September 2013 (four years ago, holy cow!)... Biased or not, I certainly think it's worth the $. I specify, none of the traps I've written, are in this manual. I hope one day "Deadlier Trappings" (sounds like a great title to me!) might be put together... (hint, hint) And some of my writing might be in that one, as a contributor. The review is here (link to Stuffer Shack review).

A full run through of the DIG RPG:

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