Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Robotech RPG Tactics Game of Quotes Part Two

Regular updates on Palladium Books, Game of Quotes (link to part one for a recap) continues... In Scott Gibbons seventh update (which is actually his eighth...*shrug*), he reveals some very mediocre news. Bolded emphasis mine. Let's get to it!

Update #207

"With regard to RRT Wave 2, we spoke with representatives of several manufacturers and reviewed samples of their work. We are now awaiting refined quotes as we were able to discuss what we want to accomplish with Wave Two. That included confirming with them the level of detail that we are seeking to preserve while reducing part counts."

While admittedly this is pretty underwhelming, interestingly John Starck Cadice, Palladium Books former miniatures partner (Ninja John, from Ninja Division) and the reason why many backed this crowdsourcing turd to begin with, gave a nugget to disgruntled backers. A bit of truth; pointing out the irrelevance of the update:

Robotech Tactics "Unofficial"
We'll leave the guy attempting to troll a former project collaborator, to his own devices, but thanks Jeff NMI Ruiz. Who knows? Without you, we might not have this nugget confirming that the Ninja's certainly did their part. (NDA be damned) And this certainly locks up, Palladium Books ineptitude. 100,000 comments, here we come.  

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