Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Review Burp: Reviews on EN World, KoDT & Stuffer Shack

KoDT #248
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Kenzer and Company is just two issues away from #250 (knock on wood). KoDT #248 released last week. In issue #248 I review two non-RPG products: Bad Medicine & Murder Most Foul. With EN World, hurricane season put a temporary damper on the (two per month) schedule, so I was only able to get a review of The Indie Hack published. Stuffer Shack published my critical review of Fragged Empire.

Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine is party card game, where players take the role of big pharma companies, pitch drugs to each other, and win points for creating the best pitches. This game makes a great game night, starter before you bring out the big guns. You can get a PDF print & play copy of the game at (click on the image). Formal Ferret Games is planning on launching a Kickstarter for a physical product, in February 2018.

The Indie Hack
Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul offers a unique take on Murder Mystery. If you've ever had the pleasure, you'd know that many mysteries are bogged down with scripted elements, which somewhat limits replay-ability. In Murder Most Foul, any guest can commit a murder (even among their fellow guests) and if they can find a murder weapon and murder the Host without getting caught they win. Sixpence Games (company site)

What to say about The Indie Hack that hasn't been said? Needless to say, but I gave it a positive review. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of the other hack variants or many micro-RPGs in general, but if this game is an indicator, I certainly need to. The review on EN World is here.

With Fragged Empire I was pretty critical. As I wrote in the review on Stuffer Shack:

Fragged Empire
"Overall, Fragged Empire receives a mixed review and it seems at almost every turn of the page something I like is weighed down with something I didn’t care for. This is a top-notch product and on par with the big boys, but the layout and overall arrangement of the material suffers in organization. The detail of equipment, weapons, and guidelines for creating starships, is done well, but acquisition is ruled by a sub-system, which I’d have no use of. The writing is respectable, the setting and cultural history elements are far above the mark of most settings, but at 385 pages the game suffers some bloat (though this is also tied to organization). Characters are well-balanced (and not too unwieldy) and a campaign will likely be best served with a mix of each race, while at the same time cultural tension is a core theme throughout."

I've never quoted myself... But, there you go. The full review, which I have good deal of nice things to say is at Stuffer Shack here.

Note to Self: This is the point when I'm starting to seriously consider going to Wordpress. Putting these product images and formatting, only took me an extra 1 1/2 hours. Your losing me blogger.(OMG!)

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