Thursday, November 9, 2017

Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) & EN World RPG Reviews: Review Burp

KoDT #249
Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) hits #249. Awesome! This issue I hit the RPG freelancer trifecta in KoDT(it's a real thing, because horse racing and RPG writing are very similar, trust me ;), publishing a magic item, a dungeon trap and a review of Centurion. In RPG hobby-lancer & freelancer circles, this is also know as making it rain! Boom! That's pretty much the it for dungeon traps and magic items with KoDT. I better get busy writing some more. Last month with EN World, I wrote reviews for Starship Commandoes and Synthicide.

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Centurion is a Roman storyteller RPG. Basically, player characters will be specialist (elite) type soldiers in the Roman army. The setting includes three (era specific) settings. Centurion is decent. I thought there were a couple of things in the craft of the setting which could have been better... But, the presentation of the history of Rome is about as detailed as you'll get and certainly helps with getting a few ideas going, as far as getting this RPG to your tabletop.

Starship Commandos
Starship Commandos wasn't my cup of coffee. This is also a storyteller RPG and by coincidence of schedule (which wasn't planned) the same publisher: Swords Edge Publishing, as Centurion. Starship Commandos is themed for game like Alien's or Starship Troopers, but it just didn't have enough grit to get a positive review. The review of Starship Commandoes is here, on EN World.

Synthicide is pretty awesome. The setting is gritty and well presented and the mechanics are simple. A post-post apocalyptic (space fiction) setting. Player characters will be navigating their own spaceship, and taking the role as Sharpers, independent space mercenaries and smugglers for hire. This RPG does a lot of the things I would have like to see in Fragged Empire. The review of Synthicide is here, on EN World.

That's it for I've got a ton of reviews to get to and a couple ideas to sort out for Pathways (Pathfinder Content). Happy Gaming, and mind me while I head back down Within the Dungeon.

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