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RPG Submissions Open Publisher List

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The RPG Submissions Open Publisher List (listed alphabetically) is posted and we've made a separate page for this blog here. As it stands we have 12 RPG publishers. I will do my best to keep this content relevant, so if you notice a broken link, or a change of status in regards to the these companies (below), let me know in the comments. If you know of an RPG company I'm not including and that company currently has an open call for RPG content, please drop me a line and links to the company site. 
Publication: Varies; Third Party Publishing & Site Content
Desired Content: Pathfinder
Publishing Schedule: Varies
Format: PDF & site content 
Rate of Pay: 1 cents/word
Notes: Best to send a query on the Get Published page here or check the Freelancer Open Call on the Paizo message boards: here. D20 PFSRD is supported through Patreon here.
Submissions Open: Varies; last active call October 24th 2017
EN World
Publications: En5ider (D&D 5E), Eons Magazine (What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. [WOIN] roleplaying game system) & Trailseeker (Pathfinder)
Desired Content: D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. (WOIN) RPG, & system neutral articles
Publishing Schedule: regular and on going
Format: PDF (printable sheets to a binder) 
Rate of Pay: 3 cents/word
Notes: Each publication has a separate editor; start here. Though you'll likely find it on your own, here are EN World's writers guidelines. All publications are supported through Patreon. Links: En5ider, Eons Magazine, Trailseeker.
Submissions Open: Yes; click on the start here link (above) and pitch your ideas an editor  

Publication: Site Content; RPG News & Reviews
Desired Content: RPG industry coverage, reviews, gamer-interest profiles, news & commentary
Publishing Schedule: Regular
Format: Web content 
Rate of Pay: 4 cents/word
Notes: The link here, will get you started.
Submissions Open: Yes' query the editor with your idea(s).
Kenzer & Company
Publication: Knights of the Dinner Table
Desired Content: HackMaster, Aces & Eights, Reviews RPG Articles, Adventures; system neutral dungeon traps, magic items
Publishing Schedule: Monthly
Format: Print & PDF
Rate of Pay: 3 cents/word
Notes: Submissions Guidelines are here & here. New submitters should look over both links.
Submissions Open: Yes
Magpie Games
Publication: Fate Codex
Desired Content: RPG Articles related to running Fate or ideas with running other storyteller type RPGs as well as system neutral content.
Publishing Schedule: Monthly
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 5 cents/word
Notes: Fate Codex is supported through Patreon. Submission guidelines are here.
Submissions Open: Yes
Modiphius Entertainment
Publication: Modiphia
Desired Content: Looking for adventures and content specific to their house system.
Publishing Schedule: Quarterly (ish)
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: $30 in credit towards Modiphius products. 
Notes: Query you ideas to the editor, by picking up an issue of Modiphia #1 or Modiphia #2 (affiliate links) on drivethrurpg or rpgnow or the Modiphius site here.
Submissions Open: Yes
Palladium Books
Publication: The Rifter
Desired Content: The Rifter publishes a variety of content for Palladium Book's Megaversal System, and occasionally publishes system neutral RPG articles. Palladium Books publishes a variety of genres: fantasy, mystery, zombies, and science-fiction.
Publishing Schedule: Quarterly
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: $10 per page of printed text (roughly 1-2 cents/word)
Notes: Palladium Books prefers submissions by (snail) mail their submission guidelines are here.
Submissions Open: Yes
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Publication: Savage Worlds Explorer
Desired Content: Savage Worlds content: adventures, creature features, character archetypes, weapons, vehicles, gear etc., and/or pitch a unique idea.
Publishing Schedule: Quarterly
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 3-5 cents/word; based on experience.
Notes: Submission guidelines to get you started are here. Query/pitch the editor.
Submissions Open: Yes
Raging Swan Press
Publication: Various third party publishing products
Desired Content: D&D 5E, Pathfinder & system neutral content.
Publishing Schedule: Varies
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 11 cents/word
Notes: Raging Swan Press has a good rep for an indie publisher and pays (as far as I know) the best per word rate in the RPG industry. They work through support on Patreon, here. Submissions are currently closed, but I'm leaving this here in the hopes they will be soon. The submission guidelines are here.
Submissions Open: No
Rite Publishing
Publication: Pathways
Desired Content: Pathfinder Third Party Publishing & System Neutral content.
Publishing Schedule: Monthly
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 1-2 cents/word.
Notes: Pathways is supported through Patreon here. The submission guidelines are here.
Submissions Open: Yes
Steve Jackson Games
Publication: Pyramid
Desired Content: GURPS & System Neutral
Publishing Schedule: Monthly
Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 4 cents/word
Notes: The toughest thing about writing for GURPS is getting a handle on the WYSIWTG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) format. The guideline index is here. Steve Jackson Games also publishes GURPS material with Warehouse 23, modules in short PDF format. Details for that is here.
Submissions Open: Yes
The Gauntlet Patreon
Publication: The Codex
Desired Content: OSR, Dungeon World, & System Neutral; Fantasy & Tech-Punk
Publishing Schedule: Monthly
Format: PDF (only available through Patreon; click the header)
Rate of Pay: 5 cents/word
Notes: Each issue of the Codex is themed. Content themes (a list of what's upcoming) and query information is here. If you're not apart of the Patreon you can get a look (and a better idea of what to submit) at a free issue of Codex: Madness here.
Submissions Open: Yes

Publication: Varies; Third Party Publishing Products 
Desired Content: Pathfinder & System Neutral; Fantasy
Publishing Schedule: Infrequent 
Product Format: PDF
Rate of Pay: 1 cent/word
Notes: Calls for content are posted on the D20PFSRD Freelancer Open Call Forum (here). Publisher is open for project pitches, outside of content calls. Query by email (click the header). Most recent content call: Oct 17th, 2017
Submissions Open: Varies. Publisher puts out calls on a semi-regular basis.

Note: Submissions Open intends to be a freelancer's resource for the RPG Industry. If you're a publisher or game creator and interested in promoting a need for freelance writers or artists, drop me a line and I'll post your company data here on this blog.

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