Friday, November 3, 2017

Stacy Dellorfano's Cancer Fight Fund on Fundly

Cancer Fight Fund
For the month of November I'm donating any product or affiliate sales proceeds earned from this site, as well what's earned through affiliate links with my RPG reviews on EN World. Proceeds go to Stacy Dellorfano's Cancer Fight Fund (link). Whatever the amount, I'll do an account in December, round it up to the next $10 amount, and smash the donate button.

I don't know Stacy personally, but cancer sucks... While I'm usually inclined to covet any product or affiliate sales this site earns like baron robber on holiday, this time I felt compelled to do something (however fractional that might be) after reading her account on Fundly.

If my random encounter roll came up cancer, I'd be in just about in the same rowboat. In fact it might be just a raft, but either way, navigating shit creek, without a paddle.
At minimum head over to her Fundly page... Any of the following will suffice: Like, donate, share. Get the word out, and show this indie creator your support.        

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