Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Help Stacy Kick Cancers Butt On DriveThruRPG

I love it when a plan comes together: As I mentioned, I put my affiliate & product sales from the month of November towards Stacy's cancer fight and rounded it up to the nearest $10. The grand total was $20. Honestly, the ability to raise some funds was looking pretty dire, but once the black Friday sales at One Book Shelf hit I got a nice (micro) boost. My usual affiliate sales numbers are under $10 per month. If you purchased anything through my links from here and over at EN World; Thank you. Also, a couple folks did in fact purchase some of my Map! products... Awesome and thank you.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. I receive a token % if you purchase something on the landing page. Thank you for your support.

Stacy's Cancer Fight Fund over on Fundly is here if you wish to donate.

I'm a total sucker for anything RPG so I went with the DriveThru charity bundle. I'm not much of a salesman, but Over $300 worth of PDFs for 20 bucks! As an RPG reviewer that was an easy choice. Just in case my reviewer slush pile ever gets a bit light, I've got some extra titles...

There a lot of ways to show Stacy your support and it's not just about the money. Don't get me wrong -money is nice, but if your anything like me, I've got plenty of money gone to gifts for family and friends during the silly season... (money can be tight this time of year) Even just stopping over at her Fundly and/or leaving a comment or her Facebook page (here), or a comment in the discussion panel of the bundle is a nice way to show support. Take a moment to like & share links and who knows. Every little bit helps. Okay, stand back while I get off my soap box.

Best Wishes for Stacy and her family-