Thursday, December 28, 2017

Map! Fief Bend: Making a Thing!

I'm not sure I'll finish it before the year is out, but Map! Fief Bend, is well underway. So far... So decent? I've certainly made some improvements vs. my previous methods. More and more I find the devil(s) in the details. For the record, all of my Map! products are created with pixel based software (MS Paint to be exact). Unfortunately -this, in turn with my methods, has increased the time it takes to make them. And as the saying goes... Time is fleeting! Between RPG Reviews, gaming, and real life; I'm lucky if I can spare more than a few times a week.

The question has often been asked: Why do I create with such archaic software...? Well...

The answer is pretty simple. I enjoy it. The second answer is that what I create is authentic. No software based effects to skippy-da-do-dah the result. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Also, I'm pretty sure I was a monk in my previous life (nobody you'd know). And, oh look! That's about exactly what I look like, posture and all... Crouched over my computer screen. Working in pixels, let me count the ways...    

Let's get to the screen shots:

Terrain Base
When finished, the terrain base above will use four-ish colors of green, four-ish colors of brown. I say four-ish because I love to make last minute changes. I'm thinkin' of a church and small cemetery will go somewhere in the middle of that big grassy knoll. The biggest problem I'm having is how to show character in the grass and deciding how I want the crop fields to look. What I do like and I think is an improvement has been the choice to use more neutral tones with the colors.    

Trees & Shrubs Shadow

I did a couple of things different for the trees this time. I've never included shrubs before and overall I think these are ok... And I included shadows within the tree itself. This gives the greenery a little pop.
Houses Shadow
I really like these buildings and homesteads. I saw this style somewhere... I want to say on Reddit, but instead of copying and taking a screenshot for reference, I made written notes as to what was done and then adjusted (my style) accordingly. The planking on the wood is a pretty cool detail, no straight or even lines gives it a more natural feel.

Working so far...
Not the final result, but it's a decent start. The grass details will go a long way to making this a bit more organic... Also I'm seeing a couple of shrubs that I need to place, maybe some cords of wood, chimneys on the main buildings (smoke?). I'm also thinking of adding some color highlights and I need to decide where to place a water well and a whole host of stuff.

I'm open to ideas! If you have suggestions leave them in the comments. What can I do better here? Also, please stop by (banner below) and check out my other Map! products, which are Pay What You Want on drivethrurpg and rpgnow (OBS). Download it for free, if guilt overcomes you... No worries, I accept tips! The banner below is to, but if you prefer, that link is here

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