Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Purple Duck Games: Submissions Open

Purple Duck Games
Submissions are open over at Purple Duck Games... Here's a quick list of the type of content they are interested in:
* Pathfinder savvy content writers interesting in writing for their Lands of Porphrya Campaign

* Adventures/support for Dungeon Crawl Classics

* Adventures/Support for Mutant Crawl Classics

* Adventures/Support for 4Saken RPG

* Blog posts, which support any of the above RPGs...

The link to their submissions page is here, but let's just
Submission Page
Rate of Pay for RPG writing starts at 1 cent/word. As mentioned (#5) above relevant blog posts pay a flat rate of $10. Purple Duck Games commissions art for their RPG projects & for stock. On the above mentioned links is an email you can query. Best of luck!

Submissions Open is a freelancer's resource for the RPG Industry. If you're a publisher or game creator (or know of such a company) and interested in promoting a need for freelance writers or artists, drop me a line and I'll post your company data here on this blog or just leave a comment. If you're a writer/artist looking for gigs, click here for the complete list.

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