Friday, December 15, 2017

Review Burp: KoDT, EN World & General Updates

This Review Burp is awesome. Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) turns #250. Congrats to Jolly Blackburn and the Kenzer & Company team. And a special thanks to Barbra Blackburn who puts up with me and wrangles my submissions for Indy Game Scene, Deadly Trappings and All Things Magic. It's truly is a privilege to write and submit content for KoDT. Here's to 250 more issues!

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KoDT #250!
Wild Skies
This month with KoDT I reviewed Wild Skies: Europa Tempest. This RPG is a diesel punk mash of World War II with anthropomorphic characters. Wild Skies had me thinking back a long time ago to with my beginning delves into this hobby with Palladium Book's TMNT RPG.

Last month for EN World I published reviews of DayTrippers RPG and Finders Keepers. DayTrippers is unique. Player characters will be playing multiverse hopping adventurers... A lot RPGs might use the catch phrase "only limited by your imagination," but few actually deliver on it, the way this RPG does. The review on EN World is here.

Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers is a big plot point D&D 5E adventure for 20th Level characters, written by Janek Sielicki and published with the Dungeon Masters Guild. I gave this product a mixed review, but I think the core story of the adventure is probably worth a purchase (needless to say but especially if you're running D&D 5E). The review on EN World is here.

DayTrippers RPG
General Updates: RPG Reviews with Stuffer Shack has officially come to a close. My thanks to Chris Stevens for publishing what did. I have a couple of reviews pending, which should be showing up (I presume) next year. If you're an RPG/Games blogger and interested in expanding your audience, Chris has started the RPG Spotlight Network. I've joined in the hopes of expanding my audience a bit and I've already gotten a number of clicks. As a blogger I'm always open to getting the word out and I'll take any help I can get in that regard. Though I know this RPG industry related blog is essentially, niche or niche... By all means share away! I appreciate all the traffic I can get... Yes, even you Russian meta-crawler thing a ma-jigs...

Thanks for the :::traffic:::

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