Sunday, February 26, 2017


Aces & Eights Reloaded
This announcement comes via the Kenzer & Co. forums.
Aces & Eights won the Origins Award in 2007 for Best Roleplaying Game and was a four-time ENnie award nominee and Silver Award winner in 2008 for Best Game.

The Kickstarter launch is several weeks out. I'm very interested to see what the tier levels will be. That's the only question. How much $?

Besting what some have called the best old west themed RPG of all-time, should be a tall order... Though (with my bias) I think if anyone can, it's these folks. I wonder if the book covers will be the same (Time-Life) leather? I like the look, but I'd rather see some options? Blue and Grey? Black maybe? Certainly, this could be something offered with the Kickstarter: choice of cover and/or color.

This is planned to be a big year of releases for Kenzer & Co., with A&8 Reloaded on the way and the second behemoth-volume of the Hacklopedia of Beasts up next. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

RPG NEWS: Palladium Books Freelancer is Collecting Donations & Well Wishes for the Bellaire Family


This announcement comes via the Palladium Books forums. For more information as to the how, click here or on the pic above for more info.

Addressing many here that read this blog, this is not a tongue in cheek post. If you're so inclined, send your well wishes and donations forward. Please do not make Mr. Aten a filter (if you get the info to send a card and such) for other such nonsense. (seriously, you know what I mean)

This post is of my own inclination and while I don't feel the need to ask permission, neither did anyone ask me to post it. Given the criticisms I have made, I'm sure it surprises most.

To be clear, I stand by my statements and my opinions. The wording could have been better. Late, but I will be clearing that up.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”
― Seneca

Sunday, February 19, 2017

RPG NEWS: Rogue Heroes Founder Attempts Suicide

Rogue Heroes Founder Carmen Bellaire attempted suicide this last Friday the 17th, after receiving aggressive pushback by the backers of Robotech RPG Tactics (RRT) when announcing his intention to launch the Rifts Board Game. A critical review of Carmen's comments from this very blog are here. This news was reported by Palladium Books owner and president, Kevin Siembieda in update #197 on the RRT Kickstarter page.

While I have certainly been a critical of Rogue Heroes and Carmen Bellaire (and Palladium Books and Kickstarter, for that matter). The focus these criticisms have to do with Rogue Heroes intention to launch a Kickstarter which utilizes Palladium Books IP. And in relation to the fact, that it would do so, while the RRT Kickstarter remains unfulfilled.    

I don't agree with the tone of the update, it lacks context, as to the origin/reason of the angst and points a big middle finger at backers and in part to Rogue Heroes. Still, is now the time to be pointing fingers? Or making points...?

The better part of me thinks not. This turn of events bothers me and even though I've expressed my viewpoint and I stand by that; My heart goes out to Carmen and his family and friends. I hope that he recovers. And out of respect, I'll leave it there.

Friday, February 17, 2017

RPG News: Carmen Bellaire Waves Magic Wand If...?

First off. What the heck and a hay basket, is Rogue Heroes (AKA: Carmen Bellaire) Thinking?

Rogue Heroes Studio, weighs in on the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter (RRT) and the intention to Kickstart the Rifts Board Game. Not to be outdone, we get this nasty gem:
 "But I wanted to lay all the cards on the table, if the RRT backers attack my future KS I will never help find out what is the problem with RRT and I am in a position to find out if I want to."

So Carmen is laying his cards on the table, he could find out (and presumably solve the RRT Kickstarter problem) but it gets worse.

"...everyone wants to kill my KS (my personal dream) and if that happens I hope RRT burns."

Wait, what?!

So your here to say that if RRT Backers-who have already forked over $1.4 million (plus, after close add-ons), play nice and at minimum don't bash your Rifts Board Game Kickstarter... Which is yet to launch and has licensed the Rifts IP, you'll look into the problem with RRT?
But, (and it's a big one) if your game doesn't fund, you hope RRT Burns? 

Angry Nird
What kind of crazy talk is this? First, the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter is already burning and the further out it gets from finishing, the less likely it will be delivered at all. It's a matter of increased cost, (by guess which, shipping rates from foreign miniature producers won't be deflating), and whole host of financial reasons. Second, if you can't understand that the gamer angst against Palladium Books and by proxy the hesitancy to back a second (Savage Rifts being the first) Kickstarter beyond RRT is legit, then you have really got to cut back on the cool-aid. Also, the Savage Rifts license was bought and paid for, by a company that's not only been in business awhile, but certainly has a long history of delivery goods and more likely than not, far outranks Palladium Books own customer base. If the success of the Rifts Board Game Kickstarter hopes to garner the likes of Rift and Robotech fans alike, its not even conceivable that engaging angry (unfulfilled) backers was the way to go.

Is the above, total conjecture absolutely! BUT... What sort of following does Rogue Heroes have? A company which is just getting started and about to launch its first Kickstarter utilizing a 3rd party IP. And this IP owned by a company that has a long and (unfortunately) infamous history. Normally it wouldn't be fair to question an upstart company. Everyone has to start somewhere, but concerns are being raised, which I noted in a previous post and Rogue Heroes needs to get its head out its bu... I mean as far away from RRT as feasibly possible.

Edit: for a bit of a different take: visit this blog

Instead, rather than stay out of RRT or at least effectively empathize with the rabble rousers, Rogue Heroes has way (if we might use the same card analogy) overplayed their hand. 

Engaging backers about another Kickstarter (for any rhyme, reason) in the Kickstarter which is yet to deliver is a totally craptastic, not mention likely against Kickstarter's Terms of Service. Rogue Heroes can tell itself what it wants, but it now fully deserves it's spot in the black hole sun, otherwise known as the RRT comments parade, based on it's comments. I mean essentially your comments are telling the backers of RRT to support your project, at minimum with consented silence. I believe Rogue Heroes, should have thought this through and reflected a little more as to the potential consequences. If Rogue Heroes had, the conclusion would have been that as far as RRT is concerned it is Rogue Heroes, who should have remained silent. (my opinion)      

In close and usually with little conjecture, and making good points left, right and center, through the whole process of RRT, here's what Forar, (spot on as always) one of the most well reasoned and eloquent statesmen among RRT Backers had to comment:

Notes: If you're back, yes I edited this post. My OG was a bit over passionate. Many thanks to the Tavern for boosting the signal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Map! Products: Pay What You Want & General Update

Disclosure: Links to product pages, include my affiliate identification. If you purchase something, I receive a token %, in compensation. Thank you, for your support

Map! Products
I've made some minor adjustments and updated the price for Map! products, which are now Pay What You Want. So stop in and check it out. Download it for free, and if you decide to use it, throw some pocket change into the hat. If you do get a download, don't forget to rate it and leave a review. This offer is officially over...

Edit: I've changed the price point(s): Coastal Village is at $1; Swamp Dock is $0.75. Tower Ruin remains, Pay What You Want.

An additional MAP! product is in the works, but I'm a bit swamped with real life "stuff," so I have no idea when it will be finished.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mashing Buttons: DonJon’s RPG Tools

Last night I had some time on my hands. All Internet connected up and nowhere to go.  The writing of my RPG Reviews for KoDT are (for once) well ahead of schedule. And I’m waiting for some correspondence on some other writing with another publisher (not RPG related). Like any good blogger, I found myself reading through my blog roll to see what I had missed.

After a couple, there was the usual stop at Tenkar’s Tavern, which is rarely not at the top of the blogger roll and then a notable blogpost by RPGPundit, making the case that the success of the Dragonlance Trilogy, likely caused the eventual down fall of TSR-which-though it didn’t start that way, turned out to be a point (unto itself and) well made, though I didn't agree.
And from there I clicked something… then something else, I’m certain Gnome Stew was in there somewhere and... BAaaaM!?!

I found a link to DonJon’s RPG Tools. While I’m certain many in the blog-sphere and social media in general have already covered this excellent RPG resource, I’m not above doing ritual necromancy to bring it back to life. But actually I don't need to, the site keeps stats: 12 hours/4k+ dungeons made.
As of yet, I’m still not done browsing. I leave you to mash your own internet buttons. Dungeons aren't the only OSR thing you can make, but the least you can do is stop in... Especially, if you haven't (such as me) before.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ebay: Palladium Books

I'm selling my collection of Palladium Books (37) with a lot sale on Ebay. No connection to my recent criticism(s) of the company.

I need the shelf space and since I haven't GMed a game for over a year, nor do I intend to write content for the Rifter, it's time to say goodbye. Of all the games I've played and GMed over the years, the best of my RPG memories are with this (admittedly dated and wonky) system. And I still have my collection of PDFs.

I hope they find a good home.

Details and the Ebay page is Here.

Update: SOLD!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Submissions Open: EN World Publishing

EN World
While I wasn’t looking (removes rock), EN World has expanded its already dominant Patreon presence, to include one more. EONS Magazine, which publishes content for What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) roleplaying game system, went live in July 2016.

From the EONS Patreon Home Page:
WOIN Patreon
En World continues to publish content through Patreon for D&D 5e with En5ider and Pathfinder with Trailseeker. Writing for Enworld’s RPG News & Review is by invite. The rate of pay for all publications is 3 cents per word. The submission process for EONS Magazine, En5ider & Trailseeker is here.

Best of Luck!
Looking for other places to submit RPG content? Click Here And view a list of publishers to consider.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Review Burp: OneDice WWI

LARPs RPGs - Available Now @
Disclosure: Links to product pages include my affiliate identification. I receive token % in compensation if you purchase something on the landing page.
OneDice WWI
My review of OneDice WWI published, in issue #240 of Knights of the Dinner Table.

The OneDice System is easy to learn. Big picture, I like what Cakebread & Walton are doing with this line, releasing a number of genre specific setting books. I only ask: Where is OneDice Zombie?!

You can get a free download of the OnceDice Supplements and sometimes the OneDice core system (though at various times) by clicking: Here Stop in and see if it's your lucky day.