Thursday, January 18, 2018

Posthuman Studios: Open Call for Your Whispering Muse

Posthuman Studios is seeking RPG freelancers interested in making their mark on an official Eclipse Phase release; A serial style project titled: "Your Whispering Muse." Article ideas should be refined to a short 100 summary. If your piece is accepted, you'll be expected to expand the summary to a more robust piece at around 3400-5400 words. Rate of pay upon delivery of a final draft, is a flat rate of $200; or roughly about 3 to 6 cents/word.

Posthuman Studios open call page
Details on submitting to "Your Whispering Muse" open call is here. (Posthuman Studios site) Best of luck, if you decide to pitch. I'm thinking of giving this one a shot... The submissions page is encouraging with the sort of content they want; specificity is good thing, as is limiting the pitch to 100 words. They don't want to waste your time and don't want you, to waste theirs.

Disclosure: Product images on this page below this disclosure include affiliate links. I receive a token % if you purchase something on the landing page. Thank you for your support. 

Eclipse Phase 1E & 2E Quickstart Rules
The first and second edition Eclipse Phase Quickstart Rules are on here; or click on the product image above (affiliate links). I'll be looking over these myself and see if I can craft anything before the weekends out!

If the submission call for Eclipse Phase isn't your cup of coffee, but you're still interested in writing/creating for the role-playing game (RPG) industry, check out my RPG Submissions Open Page (link to that page); a list of RPG and third party publishing companies, that pay freelancers for RPG content, reviews, news, and other various things. Know of such a company, and aware of an open call? Contact me, or leave a comment.

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