Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Progress on Map! Feif Bend and the Start of Map! Smuggler's Dock

I'm very close to finishing Fief Bend. How close? 100% It will be finished before February. I'd say it's about 50/50, and I might even be able to finish it by next week. (head down, mash buttons) The problem is, I've been slightly distracted with a new project... This is the last project update for Fief Bend before I publish it on One Book Shelf ( &

When we last left off...

And where we are now...

Overall this is ok. I need to figure out what I'm doing with the road. Add some rocks. Greenery and shrubs about the church is a must. With the crop fields? Not sure... Maybe it's early spring? Crops aren't ready?

A screenshot of the new project...

Needless to say this one's in the works... I haven't set the colors yet, or more to point decided if I like the colors I'm using. And I'm only on the first two layers (Buildings & Terrain), and there are a lot of other features of this map... errr... yet to be Mapped!. This is going to be offered as part of a crowdsourcing project (crosses fingers). Technically, this is the first official time I will be paid (real money, yo) for creating a map, for someone's crowdsource... I pumped to do it! I'm labeling this one as: Smuggler's Dock.   

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