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Review Burp: RPG Review Submission Schedule & Updates

Lots to get to in this months Review Burp. The last few of months (Oct-Dec) I've received an interesting variety of RPGs in the mail. I figured I'd give each of these a good old fashioned product plug going forward; take a pic as they arrive, and include them with my monthly Review Burp posts. Each of these look rather excellent. Here is what has arrived (in no particular order) very recently:

Starfinder Core Book & Alien Archive Pawn Box; Published By Paizo
Linked to Starfinder Site; click and arrive

Operation Whitebox; Published By: Small Niche Games
Pic Affiliate Linked; click and arrive at the product page.

Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition; Published By: Filigree Forge
Pic is affiliate link to; click and arrive at the product page.

Shattered Dawn Player Guide & Arcmaster Guide; Published By: Shattered Dawn Tabletop Games

Pic is affiliate link to; click to arrive at the publisher page

Also, because it's the top of year I thought now would be a good time to give a basic refresher on the current review schedule. I have a decent sized list for both Knights of the Dinner Table and EN World. Some of these were part of the review call, I put out late summer of last year. Whether the product you sent was a PDF or a physical book, your product review is not forgotten.

EN World (2 reviews per month; average)

Accepted Review Pitch List:
Mazes & Perils Deluxe; PDF, review written
OneDice Supers; PDF, review written
Starfinder: Alien Archive (Pawn Box); Physical Product, started
Heroes Wear Masks; PDF, not yet
Conan; PDF, not yet
Deadlands Players Guide; PDF, not yet

Yet to Pitch:
Shattered Dawn; Physical Product (arrived just after my pitch list to EN World)
Hunted (DMs Guild); PDF
Aces & Eights Reloaded; Pending Kickstarter

KoDT (1 review per month)

On the Schedule:
Operation Whitebox; Physical: review submitted
Krendel Core; PDF: review submitted
Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition; PDF & Physical Product, review written
Starfinder Core Book; physical product, starting soon
Blood Shadows; PDF, review written
The Crying Blades and/or Crying Hack; PDF, not yet
Save the Day; PDF; started, but asked to hold for updates; not sure
Death of Legends; PDF, not yet
Nefertiti; physical book; holding review, published reviews of other publisher RPGs recently

I plan to keep the list in this order. My RPG Review guidelines are here (or up on the contact me tab), but I'm not accepting PDFs at this time. I'm determined to finish the list of PDFs I currently have. Next review call should be around late summer. While I've been doing my best to get this list knocked out, if you're a publisher of RPGs, here is a couple of RPG Reviewers you might query about reviews... Links to each persons contact info is attached to the name.

RPGs for kids: Egg Embry (EN World, featured reviewer contact page)
RPGs Call of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian inspired: Matthew Pook (on Facebook)

Last month, I published two RPG reviews with EN World and one with Knights of the Dinner Table. I'm shifting the schedule so that my Review Burp will cover RPG reviews from the prior month, and I already wrote content concerning KoDT #250, which came out in December. It's here is you want to look. With EN World I wrote reviews for Sins of the Father by Third Eye Games (link to publisher site) & Swords Edge by Swords Edge Publishing (link to publisher site).

Disclosure: Text and cover images below here, include affiliate links to I receive a token % if you purchase something on the landing page. I don't make much, but thank you for purchasing through these links, they help support me and this blog. Thank you for your support.

Swords Edge
Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father is a unique RPG, which uses standard decks of the playing cards for game mechanics. It's a storyteller RPG, which the character's souls, have been bartered to a Dark Lord in exchange for Dark Gifts. It doesn't come with a setting, but you can scope it how you prefer. I'm imagining it very good for one-shots, or off nights when not all your players show up. The review on EN world is here.

Swords Edge is a storyteller ruleset for a variety of potential settings. One of the most interesting things about this RPG is how the writing encourages story and sharing the narrative. This is Swords Edge Publishing's third successful Kickstarter, and though each RPG has the features common to narrative strong RPGs, each is also rather unique. The setting you'll run with Swords Edge is open, but the ruleset includes five potential setting skins (in brief) to get you started. The review on EN World is here.

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