Tuesday, February 20, 2018

EN World: An Editor and a Columnist Walk Into...

EN World has begun it's goodbyes and fare thee wells to EN5ider editor James Haeck. No Doubt, the EN5ider Patreon has done well under James' watch, reaching five D&D 5E articles per month, and is currently at just over $2k per month. James is staying on board through March 15th to ease the transition, and the open call for who will replace him is officially out. Think you got the right stuff? Click Here for more info.

EN World

And just as I've starting writing this... I'm reading that the new columnist position to write and post episode recaps for season two of a Critical Role has already been filled. Sorry folks. That's what happens when you don't Facebook for a day.

Still, EN World is (seemingly) always on the search for article writers, so you may still yet have a chance. For more information Click Here. Rate of pay for RPG News & Review pieces is 4 cents/word. If you're more interested in writing game content consider EN5ider (D&D 5E) Trailseeker (Pathfinder) of EONs magazine (WOIN RPG); rate of pay for these is 3 cents/word. Click Here for more information.

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