Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wild Skies Liberating Strife is on Kickstarter: RPG News

Wild Skies Liberating Strife
Wet Ink Games has launched Wild Skies: Liberating Strife a sourcebook for Wild Skies: Europa Tempest, on Kickstarter, The crowdsource has a modest funding goal of $7k and with a few days has already surpassed $2k. I reviewed Wild Skies Europa Tempest for Knights of the Dinner Table (mag). I Enjoyed it, and I think there's a lot to like about this diesel punk, World War themed, Anthropomorphic RPG.
Here is a brief snippet (from that review) of what I thought/think about Wild Skies...

"Wild Skies Europa Tempest, is the best anthropomorphic RPG I’ve read in the last 30 years (TMNT, anyone?). The setting is a World War I mash. It’s a little diesel, a little punk and a lot of machine guns. Mechanically, it’s on the lighter side in regards to crunch, but the true gem of this RPG is sheer variety of anthropomorphic characters players will create and the fact that each player can set the goals of their character in how they progress. If you’re in the market for any of the above, I don’t think you can go wrong here… That is, unless you don’t."

If you missed out on the original Wild Skies Kickstarter, a pledge of $35 you can get in on both the PDF versions of Wild Skies Europa Tempest and Wild Skies Liberating Strife. Or for a mere $25 more ($60 total) you can pledge for the PDF and print versions of these products. You can link up by clicking here (to the Kickstarter!) or on the image above.

I don't do unabashed product plugs very often (in fact three years of blogging this might be the second or third time); and Kickstarters just as rare... But, honestly Brandon Aten (Wet Ink Games) has a good track record of producing and writing in this industry; he's the sort of professional I think this industry needs more of and a member of the Indie Game Developer Network... (site) So, if you're so inclined, head on over and check out what Wet Ink Games (Facebook link) is creating.