Thursday, September 22, 2016

Angry Nerd: On Writing

The Nird is Angry!
Writing Sucks! I'm doing a lot of speculative writing lately. It's not the writing that is speculative, but (in hindsight) the companies I'm submitting content to. I'm sure most, if not all writers have a similar story. Though it really doesn't take the sting out of it.

The short version is that I did some editing for the manager/owner of a site on some of the articles. Mostly it was pretty basic, so I did it on my own time. Then went ahead and pitched some articles, which I've had in my back pocket, but would provide (I thought) good content for the site. I'm not naming the company or the industry, just describing this random frustration. There might be a small chance I get paid something of what I'm due (Its not RPG or review related), but actually that's not true, I'm not getting paid.

Anyway... We got to talking shop (on the company forum in PM) and the person asked if I'd write up a 3k-5k word article. We agreed on a rate. Different from what I had pitched, but the per word rate was solid. I finished the article (5k), submitted it, the manager/owner was happy and the check was (supposedly) in the mail two weeks later. The check never shows.

A month goes by and I send an email (which isn't responded to) and follow it with private message, shortly after. The owner responds, "Oh-I forgot, yadda-yadda-it's on the way." The check never shows. The second month I send two PMs and two emails neither are get a response and low and behold there is my article in plain view, except its edited to oblivion... And the byline isn't me...
Like I said, I'm not getting paid. In honor of that let's post a video that sums up my frustration. Much love for Harlan Ellison. 
 Happy Writing!

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