Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Submissions Open: Knights of the Dinner Table

Knights of the Dinner Table (in my not so humble opinion) is a great publication to write for. The rate of pay is 3 cents per word, which is competitive for the RPG market. I've been writing game material and reviews for two years. Writing for KoDT has and is a positive experience. Yes, I'm biased.

The Submission Guidelines

KoDT accepts submissions for a host of RPG writing, from magic items, monsters, dungeon traps, as well as a host of GM features and game reviews. Submitted material can be "system neutral" or be written to cater to Kenzer & Companies main systems: HackMaster and Aces & Eights. KoDT has a host of regular contributors, but features new talent all the time.

Worse case? Submit a comic/gag idea and get a free issue (if it publishes).

Best of luck!

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