Saturday, June 3, 2017

Revew Burp: KoDT #244 & Writing RPG Reviews for EN World

Disclosure: Links to RPG products and the banner below, include my affiliate identification. I received a token % if you purchase something. Purchasing though these links is one way to support this blog. Thank you.

KoDT #244
Strange Stars
Knights of the Dinner Table issue #244 is out. This issue has my review of Strange Stars. Trey Causey has written three space opera setting books, in system neutral, OSR and Fate Core format.

This product wasn't my cup of coffee. It's well written, the production value is top notch, but as far as putting forth a "setting," eh... A quick trip over to their seller page on and you'll see my opinion is in the minority; the system neutral version is an electrum seller.

OD Pirates & Dragon
As I mentioned with Submissions Open (tag) EN World is paying freelancers for RPG news and reviews. My review of OneDice Pirates & Dragons was posted on the front page a couple of weeks back. A version of that review is also here on this blog.

Admittedly, I'm really enjoying what Cakebread and Walton are doing with the OneDice, line. If you prefer to get a look before purchase, Cakebread and Walton have you covered with the OneDice Quickstart which is Pay What You Want (PWYW). I think OneDice is a super awesome introduction or gateway RPG for youth, as well as folks who have never delved into the hobby.

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