Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hydra Cooperative is seeking articles for Hydrazine: Submissions Open

Hydra Cooperative is getting ready to unleash Hydrazine, a new RPG print magazine which will focus on OGL compatible content (specifically OSR and D&D 5E), as well as aim to produce support material for Hydra Cooperative's already established (Strange Stars, Hill Cantons, Operation Unfathomable) RPG lines. Each issue of the Hydrazine will cater to a theme; for the first two issues the themes are "pointcrawls" & "conspiracies."

Submissions are open at Hydra Cooperative, and submitters are asked to submit a pitch as well as what the proposed length of the article will be, and wait for correspondence. If your idea is approved you'll be expected to write a finished piece of somewhere between 500-1,500 words. Rate of pay is a 5 cents/word and payments cap at $75. 

Hydra Cooperative is promoting diversity in gaming but I'm just going to (quote) take it straight from the horses mouth here:

Diversity in Gaming

The Hydra Cooperative is committed to supporting diversity in gaming. We’re extremely interested in amplifying some of the voices that have always been part of our hobby, but haven’t always been heard or amplified. While we’re accepting applications and manuscripts from everyone interested, we are particularly seeking submissions from creators who are:

* Female or non-binary


* People of color

If this open call has your interest the submission guidelines for Hydrazine is here. As always, best of luck to submitters.

End Note: Because some potential submitters might be asking "what is a pointcrawl?" Here and here are bloggers which define pointcrawls. In summary, the pointcrawl is somewhat a play on the hex crawl. Instead of detailing every aspect of a hex map; major encounters or "points" on the map are focused on, and detailed by the Game Master. There's a bit more to it than that, so certainly check out those blogs.

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