Saturday, April 14, 2018

Raging Swan Press Open Call: 11 Cents/Word


Raging Swan Press (RSP) posted on the Paizo Open Call Boards last week and is looking for RPG content; backdrop material for the city of Languard... Finally it seems RSP is opening the gates for submissions. To go straight to the page on Languard click here or on the five finger discount, image snippet (below); it's on the Raging Swan Press site. But, really wait a moment and finish this blog post as to where you need to go on the RSP site... Here is a taste:

City Backdrop: Languard
"Storied Languard—capital of Ashlar and its greatest city—stands hard against Hard Bay’s turbulent, stormy waters. To the north lies the Mottled Spire’s brooding spray-drenched mass, the curse-haunted ruins of Greystone and Gloamhold’s doom-wreathed halls. Ashlar’s greatest—indeed only—city, Languard is a noisy, dirty place. Here, amid broad, muddy streets teeming with life and shadow-mantled, danger-filled alleyways there is little beneath the sun that cannot be had somewhere—for a price."

Though the work of their Patreon, Raging Swan Press pays 11 cents/word. By RPG standards this is an excellent rate of pay. For details on the "process," head on over to the "Languard Locations Open Call," page -dedicated to this call, here.

Though it will be unlikely you'll find a better rate of pay than the above... but you're still interested in writing/creating for the role-playing game (RPG) industry, check out my RPG Submissions Open Page (link to that page); a list of RPG and third party publishing companies, that pay freelancers for RPG content, reviews, news, and various other things. Know of such a company, and aware of an open call? Contact me; drop me line, or leave a comment. Happy Freelancing!  

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