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I write role-playing game (RPG) reviews for EN World's RPG News & Reviews page and Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT -magazine). If you're interested in a product review: read the requirements below, and contact me by email. Type in the subject line: Review Request; include the title of the product and include some details (system, setting, genre etc.) about the product itself.   
Most of the reviews I produce, are for complete RPGs or system neutral products. If the product does not fit this criteria, you are welcome to contact me, but it is very rare that I produce reviews concerning adventures, or writing which focuses on the mechanics, rules or tweaks of an established system.
If your product is any of the following: free of cost, only downloadable from your website, or possible to order only through direct mail, less than 50 pages, half-finished for your upcoming crowdsource (in regards to writing or art), or listed as beta; it is very unlikely I'll review it. If the product was produced with a crowdsourcing platform, I'm only interested in reviewing the final (sellable) version. Still, you may contact me to discuss.  
In addition to the above mentioned publications, reviews may be posted on this blog and shared in my communities on Google Plus and Facebook. Reviews for KoDT are owned by Kenzer and Company and re-published here with permission one year from the reviews publication, per specific issue. Reviews written for EN World may or may not be republished on this blog. Long story short, that is up to me (in how I format the review).     
It is rare when I do not have a virtual PDF slush pile, and there is always a wait. Products are reviewed in the order they are received, unless the publisher is willing to eat the cost of shipping a physical product to my address; these are bumped to the head of the line  (And also and because it is 100% important to note, a physical product mailed to my front door-while wonderful, does nothing to impact the review).
As a freelancer I cannot guarantee a review of the product you send will publish, or the location of the review itself. If you send a physical product, at minimum I will write and produce the review on this blog only (worst case). I will certainly pitch and write the review, but it's at these companies own discretion whether the review publishes. If you send a physical product, I give you a choice of venue as to where you'd prefer the review publish, and I'll do my best to fulfill that request. Under no condition will the review of one product be written for more than one company at your request. Worst case -in regards to PDFs, the review will not appear for any company if none show an interest in a review of your product.
I am very enthusiastic about RPGs. I play in one regular group and run another. I'm a fortunate soul who gets paid to write reviews and other RPG content, by the above mentioned companies. Still, I value my time and I don't have time to write reviews, which I'm not paid to write. This also means with all diligence I will try and get a review of your product in front of more eyes, than just your average blogger ( I get paid). Views for this blog have slightly increased, but honestly the view count in comparison to EN World or subscribership of KoDT isn't even comparable. If I've exhausted all venues which I might get the review published, I'm certainly up front about that and don't leave folks hanging. Remember if you send a physical product, at minimum I guarantee the review will at least be produced here. It has not occurred yet, in which I can't get a review of a product I've received published elsewhere, but it could.
The list of my published RPG reviews, content writing, & article experience is here.    
I do not guarantee a positive review. I take into consideration what each specific product is and what it attempts to accomplish. Occasionally, I will have the opportunity to introduce an RPG to my player group by playtesting it. Sometimes I create a character, or (literally) calculate the mechanics. Of these three, creating a character (or two) is the most common and sometimes reflected in the review. If I playtest it, it is rarely reflected in the review.
If you made it this far and I didn't scare you off please get in touch. I look forward to reading & reviewing your RPG product!