RPG Submissions Open Publisher List

Periodical Style: Digital & Standard Publication

Publisher                                                        Notes
 *Publication (linked submission page)          *Rate (open call?); release schedule

Hydra Cooperative                                        Print Pub; OGL & various content.             
 *Hydrazine                                                     *5 cents /word (Y); schedule unconfirmed 
Kenzer & Company                                       Print Pub; System Neutral                         
 *Knights of the Dinner Table                         *3 cents/word (Y); monthly
Magpie Games                                                PDF Pub; Fate/Storyteller Content             
 *Fate Codex                                                    *5 cents/word (U); unconfirmed/canceled      
Modiphius Entertainment                             PDF Pub; 2d20 System; guidelines in issue #2
 *Modiphia                                                       *$30 ME credit, per article (Y); quarterly
Palladium Books                                            Print Pub; Megaversal System                   
 *The Rifter                                                      *$10 per printed pg. of text (Y); quarterly
Pinnacle Entertainment Group                    PDF Pub; Savage Worlds
 *Savage Worlds Explorer                               *3 cents/word (Y); quarterly
Rite Publishing                                               PDF Pub; Pathfinder                                                      
 *Pathways                                                       *2 cents/word (Y); monthly                                             
Steve Jackson Games                                     PDF Pub; GURPS
 *Pyramid                                                         *4 cents/word (Y); monthly
The Gauntlet                                                  PDF Pub; Dungeon World/OSR
 *The Codex                                                    *5 cents/word (Y); monthly       

Open Calls Single & Ongoing

Publisher                                                    Notes
*Publication (linked submission page)       *Rate (pitch/project deadline)

D20 PFSRD                                                 Site content/articles
*Open Call on Paizo Boards                        *1 cent/word (ongoing)
EN World Publishing                                 D&D 5E content
*EN5ider                                                      *3 cents/word (ongoing)
EN World Publishing                                 Pathfinder content   
*Trailseeker                                                  *3 cents/word (ongoing)
EN World Publishing                                 What's Old is New content
*EONS Magazine                                         *3 cents/word (ongoing)
EN World (Site)                                          Site Content: RPG industry news, reviews & articles
*Site Columnists                                          *4 cents/word (ongoing)
Gallant Knight Games                                Kickstarter Project: Tiny Supers
*Tiny Supers                                                 *10 cents/word (accepting pitches thru April 1st 2018)
Happy Gnome Publishing                             D&D 5E/Pathfinder
*Anthro-Adventures                                     *3 cents/word (ongoing)
Posthuman Studios                                     Eclipse Phase RPG
*Whispering Muse                                       *Flat Rate $200; (Call closed Feb 1st 2018)
Purple Duck Games                                   Various Dungeon & Mutant Crawl classics/blog posts
*Various Pubs                                              *1 cent/word (call open)

Raging Swan Press                                    Various OSR/OGL/Pathfinder/D&D 5E

*Various Pubs                                              *11 cents/word (call currently closed, unspecified)
Steve Jackson Games                                 GURPS
*Warehouse 23                                             4 cents/word (ongoing)
Zenith Games                                            Various Pathfinder/System Neutral
*Open Call on Paizo Boards                       *1 cent/word (varies)

Below are some general links relevant to freelancing in the RPG industry.

Getting work from RPG publishers vs "pitching." (by Amazon Chique)
Paizo Publishing Open Call Board (Paizo Publishing)
The Biggest Scandal In The History Of RPGs (by Zak Sabbath)
What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth (EN World)
Within the Dungeon's Submissions Open Publisher List (duh! that's this site/page)

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